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and one thing about fdu they're going to

play fast

and the turnaround is there for Sean

Moore and interesting Zac Eady was on

Shore and more and really Edie let's

understand this because he said before

he doesn't have to get all the way up on

him to be able to guard him and contest

the shot

here's Braden Smith The Freshman putting

Purdue on the board Purdue coming off a

Big Ten Tournament title win on Sunday

over Penn State beating the Nittany

Lions by two their 29th win of the year

three on the way for Sean Moore and he

looked at me said jaguardo I said no no

he didn't make a shot the rest of the

game so you can't get crazy with your

game plan too easy there for Brandon

Newman on the other end three guys that

transferred with Tobin Anderson from St