How To Zoom In Minecraft With and Without Mod

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how do you zoom your view so you can see

things with binoculars in Minecraft

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Minecraft expert in no time today we are

going to be answering an email this

email comes from Sam I really want to

know how to zoom your vision I have seen

many youtubers do it but I don't know

how we're going to show up two ways to

do this one using just vanilla minecraft

and the second way is how you've

probably seen other youtubers do it

which is with a modification to

Minecraft so let's jump right on it so

first how do would you do this in just

normal Minecraft without any

modifications well it's very simple go

ahead and hit escape and then go to

options and then right up here your fov

this is your field of view that's what

this stands for and so it will give you

a number or normal or quake pro and you

can see that my view is changing in the

background of this of this menu now you

can see the numbers the numbers

correlate to the angle at which your

field of view is set at so 30 is really

close really tight it's a small angle

and so it looks sumed in you can kind of

you can see those flowers they are off

in the distance much much easier if you

go back to options and pull it all the

way out

they look further away because your

field of view is greater but this also

allows you to see around corners a

little bit better better it allows you

to see your left and right better than

then you normally do so a lot of PvP

errs will play in this type of mode it's

a little bit confusing to me it makes me

look like I'm like rushing all around if

you don't if you want to get rid of your

arm because that looks really weird you

can hit f1 and then it looks a lot more

like actual binoculars and minecraft

you always hit options and then set it

back to normal or I missed it here it's

at 70 there we are and

that's the normal minecraft fussen but

you've probably noticed youtubers doing

something else where they're able to

switch in between zoom division and nond

zoomed vision very very quickly and that

is using a modification to minecraft

called Optifine up to fine is normally

used to increase framerate so that your

game will record better or just play

better if you're in a PvP type setting

or if you're just having really bad

framerate issues and one of the

additions to this modification is a

quick zoom feature if you have Optifine

installed and I happen to have it

installed and you can find out what

button you press by going in to the into

the controls area and I have it set here

as the C key that is not the default key

but for me I can zoom in really quickly

by pushing the C key you can change this

to whatever your cursor will also have a

little bit more momentum than normal

kind of to add a really neat effective

like what is that off in the distance

shaky-cam oh my gosh

once again you can hit f1 if you don't

want to see your cursor and then you can

zoom in oh my god why are they doing

it's a secret base over there it's crazy

and so if you're using Optifine Optifine

is very easy to install you go to

Optifine net you go to their downloads

which is slash downloads download the

latest version currently they normally

are a few iterations behind the current

version of minecraft for the easy

install and you run the jar file and

install we've done this on OMG craft

before but that's how you quickly get so

you can barely see those flowers off in

the distance and there they are

you can actually use this in conjunction

with there we go we got super zoom here

with your normal field of view if you

want Optifine is basically just cropping

out the frame so you can see closer in

on your frame and that is two ways to

zoom please don't forget that using

these tips and tricks can sometimes be

looked down upon even though the first


which was all in vanilla minecraft is

built into the client some people think

that that is still a little bit shady to

change your field of view to see closer

things that are far away or see closer

things that are far away in the distance

and Optifine is flat-out banned on some

servers so keep it in mind check their

info page to see if you're allowed to

use Optifine especially for the zoom

feature which could be frowned upon on

some PvP servers thanks so much for

watching this episode I hope that you

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