How to Zoom Out in Safari on a MacBook : Apple Products & Mac Tips

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hi I'm Skyler if you want to zoom out in

the safari interface it's actually just

a short cutaway hold down command and

press the minus key on your keyboard

I'll show you what that looks like so

I've got a say New York Times comm and

here we see heavy text and if I hold

down command and then press the minus

key you can see that we effectively zoom

out by making all the elements on the

page smaller the inverse also works

that's the plus key they are one feature

that I really like is called reader so

let's say you open an article and in the

upper right in your URL bar is this

button right here reader reader will

actually format it in a way that's much

easier on the eyes and this similarly

allows you to zoom in and zoom out happy


thanks for watching I'm Skyler