How to use "Digital Zoom" on your Security Camera System

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all right so today we're doing a quick

video here about digital zoom I'm just

gonna show you real quick if you're

looking at your camera online you can

manipulate the digital zoom on it and

essentially on all the systems there is

a magnifying glass at the top of the

screen on the elite IP and CVI you can

see here it's just this one here if you

have the ultra HD then it's a local only

option I just have to hover your mouse

on the top of the screen and the menu

will drop down and then you'll see the

magnifying glass appear once you see it

you can click on it then you just have

to draw a box with your mouse like

you're clicking and dragging so you'll

click once with the left button and then

drag the mouse to Dropbox and then if

you do it right you'll see it on-screen

and it zooms in on it so it's pretty

straightforward there you just right

click once to go back click on it again

zoom in over there the larger the box

the less its gonna zoom in so if you do

a big one it's not going to zoom in too

much then on the other side you know if

you do a small one is going to zoom in

all the way as much as it can it doesn't

look so good if you try to zoom in too

far so you have to find a balance

between you know too big and too small

so you can still make out the detail

that you need