How to use Zoom’s Desktop App (ver. 4.3)

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zooom version 4.3 introduces a modern

look and feel that improves ease of use

of the zoom client software we're doing

more to put the tools that you need at

your fingertips to make sure that you

are using the most recent version of the

zoom client please visit zoom us forward

slash download to install launch the

zoom client and sign in to get started

zoom version 4.3 offers a unified view

for all of your needs from the home

screen you can start a new meeting

instantly click the drop down menu to

choose to have video on or off by

default once joined and choose whether

to use your personal meeting ID you can

also use the home screen to join another

person's meeting by meeting ID or

meeting name schedule a new meeting for

the future or initiate screen sharing in

a zoom room by clicking share screen

switch to the chat screen to keep the

conversation going between meetings chat

one-on-one or create a public or private

channel for your team to collaborate and

share files click + to start a new chat

start a new channel or join an existing

channel click to access a contact or

channel to view and send messages float

your mouse over a message to star it so

you can easily find it later or use the

menu to mark the messages unread or copy

if you sent the message yourself you can

also edit or delete the post at the

bottom use the built-in screenshot tool

to capture and annotate on screenshots

upload files and access your emoji &

Gifts library look to the top to star

the chat as a favorite view the channels

member lists start a meeting open the

chat in a separate window or view info

use the info menu to show channel member

details access images and files shared

in the chat history and prioritize

messages the phone tab becomes available

when you subscribe to zoom voice zoom

voice has all of your business phone

system features and capabilities here

you'll find your call history voicemail

and the dialpad to make calls access the

meeting screen to view upcoming and

recorded meetings or schedule a new

meeting click the meeting to start or

join copy the invitation

edit the meeting settings delete the

meeting or show the meeting invitation

if you have selected add a calendar on

the home screen this will include all

meetings from your calendar scheduled by

you or others next find the zoom contact

screen to view contacts and channels

click the plus menu to add contacts by

email address create a new channel or

join an existing Channel contacts can be

managed as departments or workgroups by

the account owner or administrator

through IM management at zoom us click

your profile picture at the far right to

view and edit the personal note others

will see when they contact you access

the zoom client software settings change

your availability status and more to

learn more please visit support us