Kinemaster Zoom Effect Tutorial

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If you want to know how to do a zoom effect in Kinemaster then be sure to

stick around until the very end of this video because I'm gonna show you exactly

how you can. Do it what's going on? My name is Devin Street, helping you build

your online presence and today I'm gonna be showing you how you can do a zoom

effect in the Kinemaster app. But if you're not already subscribed be sure to

go ahead and click the subscribe button there's a new video every single

Wednesday showing you how you can edit in Kinemaster so we have this video

clip right here and this is from my 1000 subscriber giveaway video if you haven't

already went ahead and checked that out I highly suggest it I'm giving away a

lot of stuff in that video but this was sort of just the thank-you video and

talking about the giveaway and when we get to the beginning of the intro right

here I just want to cut this off I want to make the zoom effect in right here

and I'll show you why in a second while we're doing this so split at playhead

and there we go so now that way you have split this at

the playhead we're gonna go ahead and click the clip and then you'll see right

between the scissors and the volume buttons you'll see this crop icon so all

we need to do is go ahead and click that and it says cropping but this can

actually be a zoom effect too so we have our start position we don't need to

change this because we're going to be zooming in if we would like to zoom out

then we might want to change this instead of the in position so I'll show

you how to do that in a second too but we're gonna go ahead and click on the in

position and just get two fingers on the screen and pull forward and we're gonna

zoom in on my face and then we're gonna click done and then we're going to watch

this clip and as you can see I'm slowly zooming in on my face the camera looks

like it's slowly zooming in on me and then as we get very close to my face we

cut to an intro so maybe we don't want to do a zoom in and we want to do zoom

out all we have to do is set these both back to there

standard positions there we go so now they're all back to their standard

positions so what we need to go to do is actually click on the start position now

zoom in all the way and then let's go ahead and play this clip and it's going

to zoom out slowly so that is the very simplest way you can do a zoom in and a

zoom out effect in the Kinemaster video editing app but if you want to know how

to edit in Kinemaster be sure you subscribe to the channel and thank you

so much for watching until the very end of this video check out all the

Kinemaster video editing tutorials and I'll see you in the next video