How to Make Your iPhone Zoom Out

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I recently had a problem like this

someone came up to me and said there is

something wrong with my iPhone it is so

zoomed in and it's it's kind of annoying

and there is no way around I'm unable to

do anything how do I get rid of this so

in this video I'm gonna show you how you

can solve this and also how the zoom

feature actually works someone just get

started right now

okay if you just want to leave this

state it just simply use your three

fingers and DoubleTap the screen this is

what you can do and you have to do in

order to make the iPhone go back to the

normal state and now you can see it is a

normal iPhone but what exactly is this

zoom or what does that mean or how can

you use it since you have a problem like

this that your iPhone was zoomed in for

no reason it it's probably because you

have the zoom feature turned on you can

find it in the settings in the general

and accessibility section we have the

entire resume section so you can see you

can turn it off completely just like

that and it also gives you an alert if

you really want to deactivate it so I'm

gonna click yes just for this video

because it's a great feature I don't

want to turn it off so turn it on if you

don't use it and this is what the screen

looks like after doing that so double

tap with the free fingers and come back

one thing you have to pay attention to

is what can i zoom you actually have a

neighborhood because there are two

options if you zoom in using your three

fingers if you double tap you can either

have a window which you can use and move

around to zoom in on specific things to

make it zoom N or you can use at the

entire screen which is a lot more

practical in my opinion but but feel

free to choose which one you want so

this is what you can do but I like to

keep it on the entire screen the other

thing that you can choose from here is

the filter and this is something that in

my opinion doesn't make any sense

because it would be a great thing if it

worked properly

let me explain for example if you click

on the grayscale option so if you turn

at the zoom feature off you can see now

we have some color but if you turn it on

everything is in a grayscale but not

only if you zoom it in but all the time

which I don't think that it makes sense

the proper sense or the way I would

expect it to work is that if you zoom in

everything is gonna be in a grayscale

but if you have it in a normal thing

everything's gonna be normal and this is

definitely not how it works right now

everything is black and white no matter

what you do so I don't see a reason why

you would need

turn it on in the zoom section you can

turn it on somewhere else but if I with

a double tap with the three fingers I

would expect it to go black and white

but not all the time the same thing

applies to the other filters you can see

that we got the inverted or it the

negative filter you can see that we get

the low light I mean this is all great

but it doesn't belong to the zoom

section in my opinion so I would just

keep it - without the effect or without

the filter which is definitely a better

thing and this is the thing to go and

the one more settings that I think that

it is kind of interesting but before I

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the next thing that I think you would be

interested in is this slider at the

bottom and this pretty much shows you

how much you can zoom in because if you

choose it to be the maximum if i zoom in

like this I can go even further and it's

kind of weird I don't see a reason why

you would use it but you definitely have

a control over it so right now if I just

grab the slider while I am actually

zoomed in if I do manage to do it you

can see this is the slider it is so big

and now if I swipe like this it will

eventually zoom it out because I simply

simply just change the range and I make

it smaller so you can see every time I

zoom in or move this slider to the left

you can see that it always assumes out

because I always make the range smaller

and smaller so just like that you can

see it's kind of interesting but the the

basic settings or the things that are

already chosen once you turn on the zoom

feature I are in my opinion pretty okay

five times zoom is pretty normal you can

zoom in on pretty much anything you

would want so I don't see any reason why

you will go beyond in case you want to

use it but then I would recommend you

back to the normal or to the five times

but it to come back to the filters which

I say that are useless are only useless

if you use the entire screen as the zoom

as the zoom range I mean if you just use

it like this with the window you have

the option to use a dev filter only

within that window because if you would

use it on the entire screen I mean the

zoom zoom feature if that would be used

on the entire screen you don't have any

control over the filters and they don't

really make any sense

but with this you can really move the

window around and have the text or the

entire screen inverted or grayscale

everything depends on the settings but

with this it's probably more useful than

with the full-screen mode if you know

what I mean okay so I think that this

would be it I want to say thank you so

much for watching I hope you found this

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