How to Zoom While Recording Videos on the iPhone

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hello again everyone this is Tim Buell

forgot to be mobile calm and I'm back

today with another iPhone video tutorial

today's topic is how to zoom while

recording videos on iPhone now this may

be a feature that many users are very

familiar with but for those who are not

all you need to do to zoom is to pinch

on your screen while you're a recording

video you will also see a slider appear

at the bottom of your screen depending

on if you're shooting in portrait mode

or in landscape and that can also be

used to toggle in and out of your zoom

preference depending on what you're

currently shooting on your iPhone now

depending on the device that you are

using keep in mind that the video will

degrade in quality a little bit as you

zoom in but another feature I figured

out that's part of iOS 10 is zooming in

on things that are in the camera roll

including videos if you play a video

that you have in your camera roll you

perform the same pinch you will be able

to zoom in even further on your zoomed

in video so there you go a couple of

different ways to access the zoom

feature both on videos you are currently

recording and once in your camera roll I

hope you found this helpful

take care