9 Instagram Story Hacks for Android you probably didn't know! 2019

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hi guys and welcome back for another

video so today's video I'm going to be

showing you a few Instagram story hacks

that you can use particularly if you're

an Android user most of these will also

work with iPhones as well and but yeah

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yeah let's get straight into the video

so the first hack that I'm going to show

you and also by the way guys these are

just little things to make you in the

scrum more fun it ain't that deep

play around with it happen with it but

yeah don't take it too seriously okay so

the first hack is basically to just let

you know that there are more colors than

what you originally see here so say you

write some text on the screen here oh

okay and you want to change the color so

these aren't the only photos you

actually have if you hold down in to

what any of the colors here then you'll

see you have a spectrum of colors that

you can choose from that would not be on

this scale otherwise so that's really

cool so you can you know choose

different shades of colors and things

like that okay and also another thing

that you might not know is that you can

actually flick to the sides and you can

get more colors as well and here in case

you never know a sermon but ages ago I

literally had no idea and I think I

accidentally discovered it but yeah so

you've got more colors if you just swipe

like that as well I was holding down

onto one color like that okay

so that was kind of two hacks in one the

next hack which is really cool one is

the rainbow text hacks so if I just take

a picture there like so okay and then

you need to write some text so hello

okay and then you need to then simply

highlight the text like that and then

hold on to one of the colors and you get

all these different colors okay like

there cope

on highlighters sir highlight the text

they need to get the range of colors and

this is a bit fiddly so you basically to

drag this down as you're moving your

fingers so like this like that you see

what I'm doing and then you get the

different colors like that okay so

that's rainbow text and that's just a

lot fun trick there for you to try out

okay the next hack which is a really

cool one is the rainbow text hack so

choose your photo let's go with this and

then write some text here so beautiful

okay and then you write the same bit of

text again but then you choose a

different color let's go with the orange

okay and then you simply layer the two

bits of text over each other like that

and that is how you get the rip the

shadow effect and you can move it

wherever you want to okay so that's

simple pimple and you can obviously

choose any color you want so you can go

the red it just depends on what you want

to use really so that is the next hack

okay so the next tackle that I'm going

to show you is how to reveal a small

portion of the photo that you have

posted okay so if we find that's good

for my tomatoes these are Mama's

Tomatoes that she's growing she's

growing a whole lot of veg and so you

need to go to the pen tool at the top

and then choose the color that you'd

like to fill the whole screen with so I

will go with yellow okay and you simply

hold onto the screen and then that will

make the whole screen that color and

then you select the eraser tool and then

choose how thick you want the line to be

so go with that and then you simply just

can either write some text or just

scribble like this and and it reveals a

part of it so you can put I don't know a

keep writing hello for everything yeah

and then it just reveals a small part of

picture ok ok so for this next hack and

it's basically using an external app so

it's how to create really fun really fun

Instagram stories ok so all you need to

do is need to download the story maker

app so there's loads of different ones

so if I just find my ones that I have I

have I have literally loads but I'll go

into this one it's called story maker

this is probably one of my favorite ones

and you have a range of different ones

to choose from so you've got these ones

which are animated and you've got the

static ones really fun ones so you

literally just choose the one that you

want there are so many to choose from so

that's good for this one ok and then you

simply tap on the image section and

choose the image you want so I don't

know I don't know let's just go for this

random picture ok and then click OK and

then go to there and choose another

picture and again I'll choose a totally

random picture choose this one of my

brother that you guys are loved ok and

then you can pinch you can like zoom in

and zoom out and move it around just ok

and there you have it you simply save it

okay and then that saves to your gallery

so then when you go back to Instagram

then it will it will be there and then

just tap it and they have it it is there

on your screen ready for you to post and

of course you can add text to this if

you want to as well ok so that's really

cool and like I said it's called story

maker so it's definitely available on

Android and it may well be available on

Apple but if it's not then literally

just search for Instagram story maker

and you'll definitely find something ok

so this next hack that I'm going to show

you is actually the reason that it's

taking me so long to post this video

because I basically saw that iPhones you

could include multiple images on your

story and from your camera roll and

I was trying to figure out thought it

must be a way to do on Android and

whenever I tried to figure out and I

tried to research it it never works on

my phone but I have figured it out and

so I'm going to show you so to get

multiple images on your screen you need

to first of all take a picture of

something so I'll take a picture of my

carpet that I'm staring up and then what

you need to do is so some Android phones

allow you to copy images to your

clipboard and then you would come into

here and then hold on to the screen well

go to the toe go to the text function

hold on to your screen and you would

paste from clipboard but my phone it's a

Google pixel it doesn't allow you to do

that so what you need to do is you to

download the Swift keyboard app so you

simply just go to your the play store

and search for Swift keyboard this is

the app that you're looking for

just download it and enable it and then

you're good to go

then you need to go back to Instagram

stories and then it's like they take

your picture of what you want is the

background and then he goes if you can

write text and then you click on that

pin right there and then you just click

on create and then there you go you

choose your pictures so you choose that

one I'll choose this one and then you

send it to the page there you go and

then you press the pin again create find

another picture that you want to post

I'll post one of me my mom post that

there and then you can literally choose

as many pictures as you want to I'm off

to choose another one just find one from

my album was this one anyway just choose

a random one choose this one a moment

does that okay and you get the gist you

can literally post loads and loads of

pictures to the same page which is

really cool and like I said

is the reason that I still hadn't posted

this video because I was determined to

figure out to figure out a way to do it

on my phone so I have now and you can

literally keep going

so yes how cool is that so you can make

collages now okay that's definitely my

favorite one okay so the next hack I'm

going to show you is how to get

different fonts for your Instagram

stories now I don't tend to use this

that's just because I think there's a

good variety in Instagram anyway but if

you do want to then you just need to go

to cool symbol dot-com

okay and sorry if you can hear my mom in

the background but yes so you go to cool

symbol calm and click on fancy text

right yeah

then yep click on fancy Turks and then

type in the text that you want to

convert into the fancy text and so let's

put warning okay and then you simply

choose the font that you want and it's

good for this one so you can click on

that copy this style but I always forget

and just click on the text anyway and

copy up okay and then go back to your

Instagram stories let's discard this and

do a new one let's go black this time

okay and then you simply need to paste

that there and there you have it okay

there you go Oh can you see that

okay so that's how you get fancy text on

your Instagram stories okay and then the

final one that I'm going to show you is

how to get gifts that might not be in

Instagram stories already onto here so

it's just simply from your keyboard so

you need to just go as if you wanna type

some text and then click on the yes I

come there and then you to literally

choose from every gift that you have

here okay I don't know why that's got

the black bit down the side that looks

okay but anyway and so you just keep

going you can add stickers as well so

that's good for this one okay and that

and the good thing is you can literally

upload as many as you want as well so

that's good literally dunno what I'm

choosing here but you get the gist yes

so there you go you can literally choose

to post lots and lots of different gifts

that you might not be able to find on

the Instagram stories that is it for

this video I hope you have learned

something let me know if there is

anything that wasn't you to you on this

hopefully it was helpful if it was share

it with others give this video a thumbs

up and i'll catch you my next one bye