Instagram Photos Zoom in out Trick

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how to German our zoom out on Instagram

photos everybody loves Instagram but

most of us wish there were a few extra

features in the app like the ability to

zoom in to photos which okay to check

out a particular detail Instagram

doesn't include this feature because it

wants the app experience to be as fast

as possible but Android system itself

had a built in Instagram zoom future

accessibility settings on Android dot

pretty much no one ever uses one of

those things is a system-wide zoom

gesture called magnification gestures

all you need to do is to go to your

accessibility settings and turn on the


then you will have a two different

magnification gestures at hand that work

anywhere in Android that means it works

in Instagram on any other app for that


once you have enabled magnification

gestures you just tripled up anywhere on

the screen to zoom in once you are

doomed in you just use two finger swipes

to pan and the usual pinch gesture to

German are out to get out map to get out

of magnification simply triple tap again

this trick also works for snapshot

application if you want to get all

worlds cool about zooming in you can

always take a screenshot and then zoom

in to that you will be struck with the

screenshot but maybe you want to keep

that picture anyway

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