How to Zoom-In Instagram Photos on iPhone (without Jailbreak)

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hey what's a gaseous form you could

refer my gigs blog and this with your

we'll be taking a look how does all the

pictures which are available or which

are posted by people on Instagram so

that is really a confusing task for you

people so in this video I'll show you

how to do that without jailbreak yes the

sorting thing is then how to do that

without jailbreak so that's that's

always any penny of time and gave a rind

of this video so guys once you right

there and just hit over settings me to

scroll over go into general once it

there in general you can just scroll

down and see you go go into

accessibility and accessibility the

second option from the top is zoom to

see the rule is that and turn on the

zoom option so let's once you're there

now I'll go on Instagram and this is the

zoom option so did you see that the

picture you posted by Barcelona Football

Club Barcelona as over here and I'll

just scroll over and soom the photo in

Charlie and I can see the editing so

clarity so yeah I hope you are able to

see it properly so everyone and that's

the legend Messi that's right he's right

with you so everything the pictures and

everything if you want us to go scroll

over somewhere with you I can see the in

charcoal food welcome barcelona profile

right over you it's super super exciting

you know it's super exciting if

somewhere I go right over here I can

scroll over this image to it basically

allows you to zoom or the pictures which

are basically it's not basically a thing

that you can zoom only through Instagram

you can zoom in anything if you want to

zoom a facebook picture you want to zoom

a youtube video or something else a text

or anything so you can do that so if you

want holla if you want to go ahead and

you need to cancel this go into settings

and just is zoom or your and just turn

it off

that's it so guys I hope you enjoyed

this video this was a quick video on how

to zoom Instagram pictures or anything

on to your iPhone without jailbreak and

it's the super easy process obviously

guys I hope you enjoyed this video if

you didn't please do

thumbs up to this video subscribe to

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later with some exciting super exciting

stuff till the time peace