iMovie Tutorial 2016 - How To Zoom In

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hey how's it going folks et here with

another iMovie tutorial today's tutorial

is a very simple one we're gonna show

you how to zoom in on to a special

specific part of the video clip okay so

what you're gonna do is need to grab a

piece of video so we'll grab this piece

you can either hit that plus sign or you

can left-click and drag it into the

timeline and I'm gonna go ahead and drag

the sound down to mute it so it doesn't

disturb us and I'm gonna put a split so

I'm gonna right-click and split clip or

you can do that Apple key and the letter

B or you can go up to the modify menu

and go to split clip right there so

let's do it for a certain amount of time

here and then we'll do the same thing

this time I was right click okay now

that you have the section that you want

to zoom in on highlighted let's go ahead

and go over here to the cropping tool

we're gonna click on that we're gonna

crop to fill and we're gonna left click

and then drag this boxes as small as

you'd like it so what it's gonna do is

actually blow up whatever area you have

focused on here to the size of the movie

one thing to note is depending on the

clarity or resolution of your video

might get a little pixelated or blurry

so you know try try a couple different

variations to see how much you want to

zoom in on and get that look that you

want okay once you're finished you can

click anywhere around or you can just

click on this blue circle with a

checkmark in it so if we bring this

scrubber back a little bit and let's

watch it real quick zooms in and zooms

out so that's a jump cut

no transition whatsoever but if you did

want to drop a transition in you could

go to your transitions tab here and

maybe put a cross dissolve or something

like right there now let's go ahead

watch it there you go

or you can delete that and put and put

something like maybe a zoom my work one

of my favorites for some reason so it

kind of shows it there and then uh

possibly let's go ahead and zoom it out

too yeah why not

there we go so we've successfully zoomed

in on the footage here again let me go

ahead and show you another example maybe

I'll focus on the wheel this time so

I'll do it

command Apple key and a B to split it

and I'll scroll the scrubber over just a

little bit and I'll do the same thing

again it'll split it again or you can

right click split clip or you can go to

modify split clip up here same thing

we're gonna click on that tool here the

cropping tool and click on that crop to


the only problem that I have with the

iMovie cropping thing is it keeps it

proportional which is probably a good

thing since it's kind of like a

introductory app to video editing but

with Final Cut you can actually Final

Cut Pro 10 that is you can actually you

know change the shape it doesn't have to

maintain the actual aspect ratio but

let's go ahead and do that right there

and we'll hit yeah well this time we'll

click anywhere around here and watch

that the change will actually happen

there you go so it goes from regular to

zoomed in and back and again let's see

circle circle open let's try that see

how that looks yeah you know whatever

you want to do so that's it

I'd like to thank everybody for watching

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anybody that's kind of thinking about

getting into YouTube and video editing

and is a Mac owner or an iPhone or iPad

user that might want to learn to do some

video editing go ahead and check out my

tutorials got plenty of them on the

channel here peace and aloha