iOS iMovie Slow Motion and How to Zoom on iMovie iPhone and iMovie Editing iMovie Transitions

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Hello everybody it's 'Lurgs' here welcome to my channel I'm here to save you time and

money and today it's the iOS iMovie the App on your iPhone or your iPad now

there are some amazing functions in iOS iMovie but I'm just going to take you through

slow motion, zoom, transitions and some basic editing, right I'm on my iPhone

here so let's just go into the iMovie App and start a new project so just

click on the big plus [+] sign, start a movie project and then select the video file

you want you can select multiple files I'm just going to select one, this is a

video of some local surfing and what I want to be able to do is I want to be

able to split this up turn it into some slow motion and also zoom in as well, and

also adjust the volume, now you can use your finger to just slide through the

video and then once you're a specific point now if you just tap the video on

the timeline at the bottom it will put a yellow border around it this means it is

now available for editing now there's a very easy way to shorten Clips you can

just click on the video on the timeline and then you've got the yellow border

around it then you can just put your finger on the beginning or the end of

the video and you can just drag that in or outwards and that will shorten or

lengthen the clip now I'm just going to put it back to how it was

and the first thing I'm going to do is I'm going to split the video, I've now

split this video into two clips and now if I select the second clip

and at the bottom if I select this stopwatch here I can actually select the

speed so I'm gonna scroll it down to half speed so this is 50% now if I press

play you'll see that it's doing a nice bit of 50% of slow motion but the

footage is still quite far away so I just want to zoom in now with that video

clip selected at the top you've got this magnifying glass, just just click on

that and then basically put your two fingers on the screen and you can just

pinch outwards and zoom in obviously the further you zoom in the lower the


now it's slightly off-center still so I'm going to click on the zoom function


and just make it central and there we go and there's a link above now about how

to transfer voice memos from your iPhone to your computer or laptop, now I don't

really need the last three or four seconds of this video so what you can do

is highlight this video and at the bottom click on the scissors icon and

then click on split and now if you click on the delete option with that clip

highlighted it will actually delete that clip what I'm going to do now is I'm

just going to add my logo to the beginning of this footage so I'm going

to my photo album adding a photo at the beginning because this is a photo it

will do a Ken Burns enabled kind of zoom feature I don't want that so I'm just

going to deselect that at the top there depending on how long you want it again

you can just click on it with your finger and just drag the right hand side

inwards just to make it shorter and this is the transition effect between scenes

so let's try a fade so it's going to fade out and then go to the next scene I

don't particularly like that so to select that transition again I'm going

to click on dissolve this is generally the best version and it's dissolving

into that next scene I don't want to dissolve on the slow motion because

that's the same bit of footage now if you select this video timeline again you

can lower the sound because it's slow-motion the sound will sound a bit

odd because obviously the sound is slowed down as well so you can just

either mute that completely or just make it a lot quieter now you can add music

just make sure that it's copyright free iMovie does supply a few free tunes

now I'm happy with all this footage click on Done at the top and then at the

bottom click on this icon here then you can send it to YouTube or Facebook but

I'm just going to click on Save Video now if it's a 60 frames per second video

you can actually select that and save it as that and there's a link above now

about how to do that, so now I'm just exporting this movie so now it's in my

photo library if I go to photos

there it is at the bottom, what I'm going to do now is I'm going to transfer it to

the computer and now let's watch the final product,

and I think that looks absolutely fantastic because I've videoed

this footage at 60 frames per second when you actually slow it down it still

remains really good quality obviously is getting a bit grainy because I've zoomed

right in but I think that's a really nice effect, if you would like more

how-to's on how to save you time and money

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