How to zoom in and zoom out in GarageBand iOS (iPhone/iPad)

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if you're editing projects here in

GarageBand the ability to zoom in and

zoom out of your project is something

that you're going to want to be able to

learn so in this video I'm going to show

you how we can zoom out and zoom in to

our projects here in GarageBand let's go

hi my name is Pete and this is studio

live today where I help you create

record and release your best music now

if you use GarageBand here on your

iPhone or your iPad the ability to zoom

in and zoom out of your tracks is

something you may already know about but

in this video I'm going to show you all

of the different functions of zooming in

and zooming out and maybe you might

learn something you didn't already know

so let's jump in and take a look right

now so at the moment I'm working on a

track here for my hashtag song timber

challenge if you don't know about song

Temper check the link up there and down

below but at the moment it sounds like

this and you can see here I've got some

MIDI tracks I've got some audio recorded

tracks here we are working on this track

at the moment now what you may know is

that if you want to zoom all the way in

you grab two fingers and you spread them

apart and we can zoom right on in in

fact we can zoom all the way in and if

we keep going what you'll notice up here

is that snap to grid off comes on now

this can be super handy because if we

tap in a spot here let's just say we

wanted to do some real finite editing

here we can actually now move all the

way into here so if we wanted to split

right at the start of this waveform well

let's say we wanted to split out this

particular part we can tap there we can

tap split and we can just cut down on

that one and now look what's happened

it's split that right at this particular

spot so you don't have to be there right

on the grid line you can split it

anywhere you're like let's show you that

again we'll zoom all the way in again

keep spreading your fingers until you

get to there let's just say over here we

wanted to come and split at this point

here again we don't have to be right on

the grid line what if we wanted to be

right here like after the grid line no

problem we can tap we can tap again we

can tap split and we can split that out

there and there you go we've actually

split that out there so if you wanted to

split out just a particular piece of

audio there we can do that now we hit


we could be right at the start of that

particular bit of guitar so this could

be really helpful if you really wanted

to zoom in and do some precise editing

here on your track but zooming in and

zooming out can do a whole lot more than

that which is what we're going to show

you here so let's dive into that now now

what a lot of people ask me about is how

to trim at your audio especially at the

start of your tracks so if we wanted to

trim this audio here what we could do is

we could come in here and we could go

all right so it's right there on that

first beat now this one in particular

you can see there look at these guitars

so I'm zoomed all the way in there's a

little bit of guitar there before there

so if I tap here and if I wanted to

split here run on the grid look at

what's gonna happen it's gonna cut off

the start of that guitar I don't want to

do that so let's hit undo and what we

can actually do though is we can

actually bring these back a little bit

so if we wanted to make sure we were

back in front of this we can bring it to

there and we can use that same split

process that we did before or what we

can do let's just pretend we wanted to

trim this so let's just grab and drag

this hand what we'll do is we'll drag it

back to where around about the start

point is and then we'll drag in like

this and again once we've zoomed to that

tap to grid off so see at the top this

snap to grid is off so now if we tap and

drag look at this we get complete

freedom to zoom in and drag wherever we

want so we can just pop that right there

and we can do the same with this other

acoustic guitar we can pop it right

there and it doesn't snap to the grid

but it just means that if we use these

guitar tracks we don't have any noise in

front but we still get the full guitar

let's hit play on these while they're


so that's really good if you've got a

guitar track or some sort of audio track

or a vocal track like this that you want

to be able to bring in right there so

the ability to zoom in and turn that

grid off lets you actually do that but

this is super handy for not only audio

tracks but for MIDI tracks as well so

let's dive into a MIDI track and show

you how Suman and zoom how it works on

your MIDI tracks as well so what if we

wanted to edit this drum track well we

can tap on this drum track we can tap

again and we can tap Edit and what this

is going to take us into is our piano

roll editor so this is very cool because

we can just drag across we can slide

over here and we can see all the

different bits we've got here so we hit

play on this one there's our hi-hat and

we can see our hi-hat hits there now if

we slide our fingers like that we can

zoom in again and look at this we can

see exactly where those hits are

happening so if we wanted to move these

that we want to precise control once

again we can zoom all the way in and if

without grid off we can zoom and we can

slide around anywhere we like now with

the drum beat you probably don't want

that so let's hit undo on that one and

we'll zoom back out again so once you

zoom out a little bit your grid comes

back hot and but here's the beauty part

look at this look at what happens with

our grid when we're out here at this

level and we drag around it's only going

to go in a sort of fairly coarse sort of

grid but if we do it the more we zoom in

look at the grid lines we get now we can

now go into these finite controls and if

we keep zooming in now look at what we

go look it up the top there we've got

six point two we can go just after the

bar there and we can actually get a lot

more finite control so your ability to

zoom in and out here on your MIDI roll

is going to help you really define

exactly where you can move your

different parts around here and for

drums in particular this is super handy

because we can actually adjust exactly

where these drum hits happen now I've

quantize this so they look okay but if

you wanted to you could come in here and

say okay we want that hit to go all the

way to there this hit here it's right on

there but what if it was over here well

no problem we could just grab it and

drag it like that so that's where you

zoom in

zoom out become super handy here in your

MIDI notes but that's not it we're gonna

take a look at some MIDI notes with some

melodic instruments now because there's

even more cool features we can do with

zoom in and zoom out so let's now scroll

down to this organ part so this is a

melodic MIDI instrument as opposed to a


we're now talking about melodic notes so

if we tap this we tap again we tap edit

what we've got now is our piano over the

side here and these are all of the

different notes that we're actually

hitting here so we can again zoom all

the way out like that and we get a

really good bird's-eye view of our whole

track or we can zoom all the way in and

the beauty part of this is the more we

zoom in the more finite control we have

and if we wanted to line these notes

right up we can actually do that so if

we come to here we tap that we play so

if we wanted to actually play those

notes right on we can actually have full

control over exactly when when they

actually hit so that's very cool too but

the other thing we can do with a melodic

instrument and this is very handy as

well if you've got a big score like this

where you trying to move up and down

here you can actually zoom by scrolling

up like that so you can actually zoom in

that way so you can zoom in vertically

and then you can compress by grabbing

your two fingers and squeezing down so

you can imagine here if you've got notes

all the way down here so let's just say

we had notes we had notes all over this

fret then look at that we can come I

realize I use the word fret incorrectly

there but all the way across this piano

roll you can see here we could be all

the way up the top there and all the way

down here and then if we want to

compress in and look at just a one

section again we grab our two fingers

and we slide it up and there we go

that's very cool we can actually zoom

all the way in there so that's another

cool function of zoom here in GarageBand

so to finish up here I wanted to show

you something that we can't zoom in and

out on because I get asked this question

a lot and that is our keyboard or our

guitar instrument so here we are in our


we can play that but the problem is here

if you wanted to have more notes or less

notes there's no easy way to compress

this down you can use things in the iPad

here at least like adding your double

keyboard here so you've got you've got

two keyboards there on your iPhone you

don't have that but you can't actually

squish or expand out your keyboard and

the same thing goes with our guitar so

let's jump over to our guitar now and

I'll show you what I mean so here we are

in our guitar and if we go to the notes

section you'll see that we've only got a

small amount of our scale here we could

only go up to there but the problem is

what if you wanted to play some higher

notes well if you've got a larger iPad

I've only got the iPad air 2 here if

you've got a larger iPad pro you'd be

able to play more of those notes I can't

play all those notes because I've only

got this amount of my fret board here so

unfortunately there's no way to zoom in

or zoom out of our guitar instrument

here in GarageBand so they are the

things that we can't use zoom 4 but as

you saw there's plenty of things that we

can use the zoom 4 if we go back to our

track view we can zoom all the way out

right here in our track view until we

get our snap to grid off we can zoom all

the way back in and once again if we're

in our MIDI instruments we can tap on

edit there and in our piano roll we can

again zoom all the way out so we can see

our whole track here or we can zoom all

the way in so that we can actually make

some more precise controls and we can

even slide up and slide down to actually

compress and expand out what we're

looking at here in our meaty role so

that's all there is to zooming here in

GarageBand I hope you found this useful

if you didn't know about zooming if you

did maybe you learned a trick or two

there's two more videos linked right

down below if you can wanted to check

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