Samsung Galaxy S5: How to Zoom In / Out Quickly

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how to zoom in and out on a samsung

galaxy s5 first pressing on the HOME key

will go back to the home screen then go

to settings go down to the

personalization section and tap on

accessibility television then tap on

magnification gestures and make sure the

switch is slightly on so slide to the

right to switch it on now once it is on

you can simply tap on a swing three

times like this to zoom in you can use

your hand to pinch in to make it even


so once you zoom in you can assume it on

image if you wanted to then you can move

it around so using the two finger you

can move this around you can move it out

tap on three times to get out to zoom

back out so you can also tap and hold so

touch three times and hold your hand

like this and from here you can move

around the screen so that's how you can

zoom in and out on a three and on a

samsung galaxy s5 pressing on the HOME

key to finish thank you for watching

this video