[Fortnite Battle Royale] Aim Guide - NEVER Miss a Shot!

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so you want to get some better aim

you've come to the right place

my name is flux and today I'm I'm gonna

teach you how to get better aim so this

guy's gonna work for console players and

PC players because obviously you can't

forget about the console players who

play on the controllers so this is all

going to be done inside a fortnight

you're not gonna have to download any

other [ __ ] you're not gonna have to

[ __ ] go on your computer it can all

be done in fortnight between games and

during games and it's just overall just

helpful as [ __ ] man you snap the targets

get kills easy [ __ ] works for console

and for PC let's begin so before you get

me the game click on those three buttons

up there click on the gear turn your

sensitivity down turn it down bro

[ __ ] fortnight sensitivity is

insanely high default it's super [ __ ]

up it is not a good value it is

difficult to control once you've turned

down your sensitivity step number two is

to turn down your sensitivity again this

is this is the Mac this is the default

sensitivity when I first got the game

look at this aiming on the [ __ ] is

impossible even after I turned it down

it's still impossible so turn your

sensitivity down again and again I keep

mine at 0.1 in game yours is going to be

different so I'm just gonna show you

guys this really quickly how you can

find your own optimal sensitivity in a

perfect scenario with one swift motion

of your hand from right to left you

should be able to accomplish a 360 like

so and the same goes for left to right

this is just the general baseline I used

for all video games so what I do is

actually put my mouse all the way to the

right of my mouse pad and then I swipe

it to the left so one motion of my hand

one motion that I'll be doing naturally

in game this is my benchmark so I always

want to be able to accomplish a full 360

around my character with one motion of

my hand so the way I accomplish this is

I set my literally set my sensitivity to

a random-ass amount I put my hand to the

right of my keyboard or to the right of

my mouse pad I brought it over to the

left if I did a 360 I found the good


if I overshot it I turned it down and if

I understand you can incorporate this

into your regime so basically pick a

random ass number help start at 0.1 for

example focus on something on the map

for me as you guys can tell I focus on

this tree I put my hands to the right of

my mousepad I bring it to the left and

afterwards if I land it on the tree I

know my sensitivity is good if I went

over the tree I turned down my

sensitivity and if I didn't quite make

it to the tree I turned up my

sensitivity so take some time do this

it's trial and error it should take you

less than five minutes again look at the


try doing a 360 in one motion of your

arm if you can't adjust it accordingly

until you can and from here

congratulations you have your optimal

sensitivity and you're good to start

doing these next couple of tips on

controllers the benchmark is relatively

similar you want to be able to do a 360

within a one-second window or time frame

so again play with your sensitivities

see what is a comfortable controllable

sensitivity for you to be able to do a

360 and again once you found it out just

it's just you're just gonna be spinning

a bit so hold the thumb stick to the

left for a second if you land on the

tree or the item that you're focusing on

congratulations you've figured it out if

you didn't land on it again adjust your

controller sensitivity until you can do

360s nice and easily

step two is actually practicing your aim

on moving and static targets so a lot of

PC games actually have Mozilla that

allow you to do this but on fortnight we

do not have this luxury so what you need

to do is kind of make do in the lobby or

essentially in game in all FPS games

there's basically two types of aim one

is tracking aim and one is flicking aims

so as the names imply flicking is

basically how well you can flick to your

target when it is off the center of your

screen and tracking aim is how well you

can track a moving target with your

crosshair for tonight is basically a

game all about tracking because in

fortnight again time to kill is very

high so you don't really need those

aggressive big flicks which is why I

recommend you to turn down your

sensitivity in the first place with the

lower sensitivity it is significantly

easier to track targets and I'm gonna

teach you guys how to get used to your

sensitivity and how to track targets

more efficiently so again this can be

accomplished in the waiting lob you and

you're waiting for the party bus to

launch and in game it's it's it's really

a simple thing

so for tracking exercise number one this

is going to be for static tracking

meaning that your opponent isn't moving

what you can do is choose an object I

usually choose a tree or some

specialized dots on the map that I see

and I basically just kind of walk left

and right left and right and I try

keeping my crosshair glued to this thing

that I chose so if it's a tree I keep my

crosshair glued to it and basically I

just repeat this until I'm comfortable

comfortably tracking the tree so as I

move to the left my crosshair stays

glued to it and as I move to the right

my crosshair still stays glued to it

this will take some time to learn and

get down but again this does help your

static tracking and is very beneficial

in angels can be practice in the party

bus lobby waiting room or obviously in

matches as well again I sometimes offer

two solo games and I just pick a random

focal points of the map and I start

tracking them just make sure that you

mix up the distances so as you guys can

tell I've been tracking this mushroom

for quite a while and again mix it up

mix up the distance because obviously if

you're tracking a very far object your

hand has to move less if you're up

closer this kind of simulates a shotgun

duel you need a quicker flick and faster

movements so practice static tracking

with different basically different

distances up close and out far to get

the most out of this exercise another

variation to this is dynamic tracking

which is basically where you stand still

but you start tracking an object that is

moving which obviously has spontaneous

and random movements so one way that I

like to accomplish this is by in the

lobby I literally just chill I pick a

player who's running around randomly and

I try keeping my crosshair glued to him

to the best of my abilities this is

obviously really hard because he's gonna

have random spontaneous movements he's

gonna be jumping changing directions and

all that fun [ __ ] so this is a really

good way to actually practice your aim

on a moving real human target because

obviously this is going to be a scenario

which you're going to have to

- in-game anyways the best way to

practice again dynamic are moving

targets tracking of dynamically moving

targets is basically in the lobby but if

you don't have much time and you're also

queueing with your friend you can

actually practice this with your friend

as you wait for the barrier to roll in

you can literally tell your buddy ok

start moving spontaneously [ __ ] around

I want to track your aim this way your

buddy can actually practice his

movements and being random and you can

practice your aim by trying to keep your

crosshair glued to your friend all while

being relatively safe because again you

can't really practice your dynamic

tracking outside of the lobby because

you're gonna get killed so in game use

your buddy try tracking your buddy and

if you're waiting for the game to start

in the lobby just pick a random player

try keeping crosshair glued to him to

the best of your abilities if you want

to tie this all together again in my

tips video I did state that it's really

hard to hit a jumpring player so if you

want to do this incorporate jumping into

both of these tips so so the static

tracking jump to the left jump to the

right-hand track up literally just the

point that you picked for me I like

picking trees or cars and again you can

do the exact same thing with a player

but this time you're going to be in

motion so run around with the player

jump and follow the player around all

while keeping your crosshair glued to

the player combination of these two

exercises should help your aim out

tremendously it's these are the basic

principles of tracking aim and again

improving your tracking game you start

with the static tracking you get good at

that you move on to the dynamic tracking

yet good at that and afterwards you add

your own motions into the mix and start

jumping add more factors and variables

into the mix and you should be good to

go so one thing to keep in mind is that

these are very simple to do you can do

these between games and again if you're

stuck in this Lobby for a minute you

just got a free minute of aim training

if you're bored waiting for the barrier

to pull in you can just practice your

aim on a random-ass brick on the house

so that you can paint you can literally

practice this one this down time and in

fortnight there's a lot of it and again

if you're running away from the barrier

you can practice your you're tracking

like that to pick a tree in the distance

and as you run try keeping your

crosshair glued to it so all these

exercises are very easy to do if tons of

opportunities to practice them

between games and between lobbies

because again most of the timers can be

sitting there with your phone on

Instagram so put your [ __ ] phone away

practice your aim and you'll be winning

more games

so once you've lowered your sensitivity

and you've mastered static dynamic and

player dynamic tracking what you can

actually do to further practice you and

improve your aim is make sure your

soloqueue use your solo q and q for solo

versus squads basically once akyuu for

stolen versus squads always look to land

on a densely populated area try landing

quickly grab a gun and just practice

your aim doing in a densely populated

solo versus squads area chances are

there's going to be at least 12 other

players there so that gives you 12

individual opportunities to practice

again killing real players that are

jumping around moving and also trying to

kill you

so as a final precaution sort of thing

if your board is [ __ ] you've done a

bunch of static and dynamic player

tracking go into real gear you have 12

12 opportunities to practice your aim

and give it a go try fraggin on some

real players in solo versus squad

because that is where you will encounter

the highest frequency of players so it

basically wraps up the tutorial in quick

just a summary lower your sensitivity

practice your static and dynamic

tracking and go into solo vs squads to

apply what you have learned against real

players and in a real high intense

high-pressure environment and again keep

a level head practice to aim take the

aim tools when the Angels win some part

night games

my name is flux hopefully you guys

learned something in this video if you

guys want to watch me stream I stream

live on Twitch alots I stream a variety

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counter-strike so if you guys want to

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and I hope to catch you all on the next

upload if you have any ideas on what I

should upload let me know and with that

my name is flux thank you all for