How to Zoom In and Out in Final Cut Pro X

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today we're gonna take a look at how to

do soo-min assume out effects in Final

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so let's get into it i personally have

trouble doing proper zoomin and zoom-out

effects because it goes wonky I don't

know I'm not an expert with keyframing

and zooming in and zooming out but I've

experimented with it and I believe I

have a solution to make it very simple

and easy to do even if you're just

getting started so that's what I'm going

to show you today without further ado

let's jump over to a computer and I'll

show you how to do that alright so first

of all I want to show you that there's

different ways of doing zoom in and zoom


depending on what you're doing you might

want to use different tools that are

built into Final Cut Pro X so the first

one is the Ken Burns this one you should

know about because it might be suitable

for certain situations so if I play this

time lapse you see it's pretty simple

it's OK ish but we can make it better

more dynamic by adding the Ken Burns

effect so if you go to leave this drop

down select crop and then Ken Burns

right and it'll tell you this is where

the end screen is gonna be I mean where

the end of the video is gonna be and

it's gonna start right here so it's

basically gonna zoom out you can also

flip it around and do a su min it'll

start as you shot it and it'll end

assumed in and you can always make this

and zoom smaller and the same thing goes

the other way you can switch this around

it'll start really soon din actually I'm

moving the end screen there at the start

it'll start here and then it'll soom out

if we play this you see that it's

already making our time-lapse more

dynamic but this is just one instance

the Ken Burns is only suitable for

certain situations like this time lapse

but what if you need more control then

that's when you would use that transform


and I'm gonna show you how to do that

with a different video clip so let's

open up another project I was working on

this project the other day let's open it

up okay here's a perfect example

I was showcasing this Beach tech DX a

micro Pro and yeah it's pretty much in

frame but I want to zoom in so you can

really look at the dials because this is

how I shot it right I want to sue me in

here so how do I do that first of all

I'm gonna set the start point let's say

here this is where I want our anchor to

be right and instead of using the crop

we're gonna use the transform tool and

what we do is we add a keyframe here

then I want to move ten frames to the

right so I hold down the shift and hit

the right arrow key my playhead moves

ten frames to the right now what I do

now is I can zoom in here go to the

scale and scale in right and now I can

take this or yeah oh no I don't want to

do that ctrl C to undo that's to rotate

it I want to take this one and move it

more towards the center like that all

right let me open up the animation by

hitting ctrl V there it is now we can

see the keyframes so this word the video

clip starts we play it and it zoomed in

you see that now let's say I want to sue

mout again maybe somewhere over here I

want to sue mout what I can do is hit

the keyframe button again this one and

then move ten frames to the right shift

right arrow key and then I can bring the

scale to like let's say back to its

original form of 100 right and then move

this to the center there it is now it's

at the center so let's play this again

there it is assumed out and let's say

that this took too long I want I just

want to do a brief zoomin zoom-out I can

drag these keyframes like this right and

if and if I play this again that's how

you do it and you can also make it the

the zoom out to happen faster if you

just drag them closer together these

keyframes so let's play it again

do a zoom in zoom out effect you can

always play with these keyframes again

the shortcut key is ctrl V and I'll

close it ctrl V to open the video

animation so that's how you do a very

basic zoom in and zoom out I like to use

the transform just because I'm more

familiar with it like I said the Ken

Burns might be used for in certain

situations but whenever you want more

control then you might want to use that

transform too please let me know if you

have any questions or awesome clear

about anything or you know of a better

way to do it I'm always open to learn

that's just the way I like to do it and

how I'm able to achieve that results I

want so yeah any questions comments down

below please like it if you like this

kind of stuff and as always thank you

very much for watching I'll see you in

the next video