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hey what is going on guys so you are

using the video editor called filmora

version 9 for more a9 I'm gonna show you

guys how to crop pan and zoom and also

stay in the small zoom part for a little

while ok so first thing is we need to

import a video a test video that I just

made here so let me click on that here

it is right here I'll double click on

that and then from here let me drag and

drop this onto the timeline I'd like to

drag it onto the bigger one here so I

can kind of see the audio as well and I

will match the media that's perfectly

fine and here's the clip that I just

made here and let let me go ahead and

cut out some of it alright let me just

stop it here let me go ahead and cut out

this beginning part okay so I'll go

ahead and click on split right here the

scissors I'll tap on that and then I'll

right-click this first clip here and

I'll do a ripple delete basically it'll

ripple back to the beginning of the

timeline okay so from here let me just

press on play ok so right from right

from here when I'm drinking the Pepsi I

want to go ahead and crop in okay so I'm

gonna go ahead and split it right here

with the scissors icon cut that right

there and then let me play it again to

walk to where I want the crop to stop

okay so okay right there ok so then I'll

go ahead and click the scissors again so

now I had the first clip now I just cut

it up into three clips there's one clip

to clip three clip now this middle clip

here the second clip is where I want to

do the crop so I'll go ahead and tap it

make sure it's highlighted and then I'm

gonna clip on the cropping icon right

here tap on that and then from here we

have several things that we can do okay

we have one us as crop and another

that's as pan and zoom we'll just do the

crop really quickly okay so here's the

crop here and let's just say you know I

mean you can resize this you can move

this anywhere you want and let's just

say I want it like right up to my face

like that I'll click on play to see like

a preview okay you saw that let me click

on OK and let me start from where the

frame is uh all the way out and then it

crops in so I'm gonna press on play here

and you're gonna watch it now it's going

to go in

and now it's getting ready to go back

out okay so that's a simple crop here

now let's go ahead and go back into this

so make sure it's highlighted click on

the crop icon again and let's do a pan

and zoom okay so let me click on a pan

and zoom here and you know what let me

just click on reset here okay so here's

pan and zoom here so basically you can

see like this outer rectangle here and

then you can see this inner rectangle

here so basically it's going to start

off on the outer and then it's going to

pan or basically move into the smallest

part of the zoom all right and the thing

is we can move the the smallest part we

can move it anywhere we can even resize

this as well and you can see it says

here like start and this little

rectangle here says end we can also

change the start - we can you know

resize this or move this to a different

area as well I'll just go ahead and keep

it at the original format for the start

and then for the zoom you know we can go

ahead and we'll go in a little bit

closer to my face here and then let me

go into press on play just for the

preview and you can see how it goes in

and then it's going to basically go back

out okay so let me start it back will be

here again and then we'll start off on

the regular frame and you can see now

it's gonna start going in and then that

clip is done and then it goes back out

to the original angle now a lot of you

probably want to do this too now you

know how when when it went down to the

smallest zoom like right here you

basically wanted to like stay there for

you know for a few seconds or however

much longer the only way to do that is

you kind of have to play with it a

little bit okay so for instance let's go

ahead and try to keep it like in this

area right here so what I'm gonna do is

I'm gonna go ahead and highlight this

middle part where we did the original

crop I'm gonna tap on the crop icon on

here now how to get those measurements

okay so if I tap this this smaller one

here now we can see the ratio here it's

738 by 4:15 so I have to remember that

okay so let's just say you know once it

went down to this smallest zoom I want

to keep it there for like a few more

it's okay like right about there then I

got to go ahead and split that again so

now what I had to do is I just have to

do a regular craw for that area but I

have to make sure the size is the same

in the same position and like I said you

kind of have to like work around with it

so for example let's go back to this

again and let me just click on this

first crop clip here so I have to

remember that number again and click up

here and it's 738 415 738 415 738 415

415 and now you can see that it made the

same size rectangle the thing is I have

to place it in the same exact spot now

let me just go and click on OK and this

is where you kind of have to play with

it you kind of have to see like we're

exactly ended all right so let's see

here so I went right about here and I'm

on the very end of that first crop clip

and I can see like is just touching the

top of my deke here so I know the top

side and the right side here basically

goes right about down here I'm not gonna

do it perfectly but you guys should like

pretty much like get the message okay so

top beak right about here so so I'm

gonna go ahead and click on that second

crop file right there that little tiny

one and I'm gonna click the cropping

icon and I still have that same as like

measurement so it was right above the

tip of my beak of my hat and I don't

know I don't know somewhere around there

you guys got the message but let me just

go ahead and press on OK and we'll go

ahead and play this like right before

that first crop okay so let's go ahead

and press on play it's gonna go in and

then it's gonna stop okay

that was only for like two seconds

anyways I hope you guys got the message

there I'm also recording I'm using the

screen recording function with Remora

where you can record your screen to show

tutorials and whatnot and I'm also using

the webcam to show me as well and I'll

probably do a how-to video on that like

next anyway so you guys have any

questions even any questions in film or

9 like let me know and that's pretty

much it thanks for watching guys and

I'll see you in the next