How to zoom in on Facebook photos without clicking them - Tutorial

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Hi there.

In this tutorial, I'm going to be showing you how to zoom in on Facebook photos without

having to click them.

So, as you can see on my screen here, I'm scrolling down and when I see a photo that

I wanna zoom in on, normally, I have to click it and it takes several seconds to load.

But in this case, I can just hover my mouse over it and it makes the photo larger.

So I can check it out, and then keep moving.

Now, let's say I have a really tiny photo like this avatar right here.

I can just move my mouse over it again, and it's instantly larger.

So, to accomplish this, we're going to use Chrome and we're going to start by using an extension

Chrome extensions are great ways to customize your experience.

So we're going to come to the Chrome webstore.

It's chrome.google.com/webstore.

So I'm going to come in here and I'm gonna search for "Photo Zoom for Facebook" and I'm

going to put a link for this in the description.

So I'm gonna scroll down to extensions, click on it, and hit add to chrome.

It's gonna ask me if I want to add this to chrome, and I'm gonna click "Add Extension".

And it's installed, so I can close out of this tab, and I'm gonna go to facebook and

refresh my page.

Ok, so you can now see at the bottom corner here, there's a little button that says Photo

zoom for facebook and in parenthesis it says on, I can click this to turn the feature off,

but for now let's leave it on.

I can go ahead and hover over an image, and it gets larger.

So there you have it, now you don't have to click on photos on facebook to zoom in.

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