How to make full screen TV. Directv reciever.

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okay so today we're going to talk why

sometimes the picture is not fit the

full screen of your TV so in other what

is the odds you can see right there it

is not a full screen so what's the step

you can do and how you can fix it so

first of all check the settings of you

actually device device I mean it may be

cable box or whatever you're watching so

in my case it's a DirecTV box so we go

in the menu and we go in over here in a

display basically any bugs doesn't

matter you have if you're going in the

settings you should have setting size

video or display so in my case you say

display first of all I want to check the

resolution so right here we have couple

options so I know so my DirecTV box

connected to the TV by HDMI cable and my

TV is as well I see my so that's mean I

can remove all that resolution and leave

just 1080 which will mean a full HD okay

so now we have to do just go in a video

section over here and make sure screen

format you put in straight okay and it

should works out but as you can see is

not working so basically the picture is

same think it's not a food screen so

what it's mean that mean next and take

this actually in most cases the problem

so it's nothing to do with your box with

your cable box or Varela

most of the time has happened because

it's wrong settings on your TV so you're

going in your TV settings and you're

going something like pictures or display

so it's really defensible can achieve

have so and all we him in a picture you

will see the subcategory says picture

side size or it might say aspect ratio

or something like that so in my case it

says picture size so and over here you

just play with it

you see if I put the standard sixteen by

nine booms Wow is a full screen so if

you live it over here is not a full

screen in the you case it may be same

thing so but instead of sixteen by nine

it may say

zoom or zoom one in some Kiwi is even

says feed the screen or it says the full

screen so just place with that play with

that settings and you get the full

screen thanks for watching