How to use screen zoom on a Chromebook

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if you are a computer teacher it's very

helpful to be able to highlight or

isolate a individual element of the

Chrome browser so if you're guiding

students through an activity and you

want them to click on an extension it's

super awesome to be able to zoom in on

that icon to say hey click here or if

you want them to adjust a setting to say

hey click down here and go into settings

the way that I'm doing this is through

an accessibility feature of the Chrome

browser I'll show you how to turn it on

here in a second this is a far superior

way to highlight elements of the browser

rather than clicking on you ctrl + +

ctrl - because you have more control

over where the screen is zooming the

screen zooms wherever I put my mouse

cursor so if my mouse cursor is on the

yellow Oh in Google I can zoom right in

on it it's it's really really great

to use this feature you first need to

enable it so we're gonna click in the

bottom right corner and go to settings

we're gonna click on the little cog and

the fidgets spinner and inside of

settings we're gonna click to search and

we're gonna search for accessibility now

this feature is actually an

accessibility feature designed for

people with low vision but it's very

useful in other respects as well I would

encourage you to go ahead and slide this

switch on so that accessibility options

are available in the system menu the

feature we need to turn on is this one

here called full screen magnifier so we

want to make sure that one is switched

on I'll show you how to use it here in a

moment now that we've turned on

accessibility in the system menu you can

always see accessibility listed here you

don't have to dig through it in settings

anymore and then we can see we have a

full screen magnifier turned on now

let's look how to use this feature once

you have enabled the full screen

magnifier you can use this feature to

highlight an element of your

so what you need to do is you need to

take two fingers and hold down the

control in the alt button at the same

time and then with your other hand take

two fingers and slide them up or down on

the trackpad now when you do this you

will zoom in wherever your mouse

currently is so right now my mouse is

over top of this Avery

icon at the bottom of my screen I press

ctrl alt and slide up and it zooms in to

that area this is very helpful useful

when you're presenting to students

because you can highlight a button you

can say you know click down here in the

bottom right corner of your screen and

look for log out or accessibility or

check your battery life etc so again the

key is to hold down ctrl + alt at the

same time and then slide up and down as

if you were scrolling on a page