How to Zoom in to Audio Waveforms on Premiere Pro

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hey here's a quick tutorial on how to

zoom into your audio in Premiere Pro

this is a question I had from my

Premiere Pro editing course and I wasn't

exactly sure what the question was but

I'm going to try to explain it with this

tutorial well the first thing you need

to do is make sure that you see the

audio waveforms and if you don't see

them just click on this little wrench

icon and choose to show audio waveform

and then to zoom in you can zoom into

your timeline different ways you can

click on this bar down here at the end

and drag to the right to zoom out or

drag to the left to zoom in now we're

starting to see closer into our

waveforms and then what we can do to

expand the waveforms is to double click

in this area right to the right of the

microphone like so or we can click on

this little line at the bottom of the a1

audio track or really any audio track

that you're looking to expand and drag

up or down so you can really get in

there another thing you can do is to use

the plus or minus keys on your keyboard

these are right next to my Delete key on

my keyboard it might be right next to

your backspace keyboard or button on

your keyboard and that allows us to zoom

in even further so that's how you zoom

in and you can really see your audio

waveforms I hope this helped you out and

we'll see you in another tutorial