How to Zoom-In Youtube Videos In Android Phone & Tablet

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do you really need to watch youtube

video and zoom in to be honest there is

no any build function or option to do

this but using a sympathic you can watch

a YouTube video in zooming so just go to

your phone settings okay

is stirring search for accessibility

here this one and turn on the future

magnification gestures turn on this okay

now you need to tap on three times on

the screen to zoom in anything so after

you turn on this go to YouTube

okay play any video take anybody like

this okay now I'm going to like go to

this one

so tap three time on these screens like

1 2 3 and your video resume you look at

so you need to tap to time on this

screen your video will zoom in and to

zoom what do the same thing absolutely

I'm livid that's okay this is not a good

option but far if you need it you can

use this option for emergency use

radiating any problem to see any small

text from the video so you can try this

the step 3 time on the screen and tap 3

time again to Sumatra zooming robot that

it's very simple I hope this will like

to thank for watching if you have a

better idea

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