How to Zoom in Windows Movie Maker

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Hi and welcome to the tutorial, today we will learn how to zoom in and zoom out in a movie


To do that, you just need to import your video, I will import this video of a guy typing on

a keyboard, and as you can see, this guy is obviously typing on the keyboard :) and to

apply the zoom effect you need to go to the animations tab over here up here, and on the

right side you will choose this effects and just you will see, it says pan and zoom.

Just click over here this little arrow and choose your desired zoom effect.

You have to two sorts of zoom effect, it's a zoom in and zoom out effects.

Let's say we just want to add a zoom in effect to our video.

Just click the zoom in the center and it will be applied you can see these 4 little, little

images that our effect is applied.

So, let's just click play.

And it's a pretty slow, it's a pretty slow because our video is long, so, to apply the

faster zoom in effect you need to cut your video at some point.

For example, I will just double-click this and click the split tool and now both our

parts have the zoom in effect have the zoom in effect.

Let's just set it to the beginning and hit play, okay he play.

And this is a bit faster, and this one is a bit slower, so let's for example zoom out

this second part only, just click on it, go to the animation pane, again, go to the right

section over here, go to do it zoom out section and zoom out from the center, and just put

it in the beginning.

Let's just hit play to see what happen... zooming in, and zooming out, and this is it

from the zoom tool, to remove the zoom tool you just need to go again to the animation

pane, again to do right section which says pan and zoom and click a little arrow just

click none.

Same with the first time just click none and you will remove your zoom effect on a video.

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tutorials, and if you need to know about the pan tool, I covered that in my previous video

so I'll provide a link down here, and check, check that out also, and it will help you

in your movie editing purposes thanks for watching :) and bye-bye.