Screen Zoom and font size for Samsung Galaxy J7 Verizon Model SM-J727VPP

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so let's go two steps to some your

screen and font okay so let's go to

settings on this Samsung Galaxy j7

settings and then you're gonna scroll em

out accessibility accessibility and then

we go to vision now you wanna find

screen zoom and font ok scream soon and

font select that now we're gonna

highlight the large font sizes and then

you go through screen soon and now I

suggest to go to the way right side

screen the large okay and then we wanna

zoom your font size extra huge okay so

this is how your skin going to look like

and then now right here you can select

your font style so you can't leave it to

gothic Paul the default or any of these

that you would like to have just

highlight it okay and then once you

however your choices are ready just go

to apply on the right top of the screen

there you go I know these are your skin

when I look like okay

so your contacts numbers and keypad

everything it's going to look like

enough big enough for you and so this is

a found other website that you're gonna

be accepting so okay okay if you would

like to add some screen on your phone I

mean I look let's go to settings and go

to accessibility

vision magnifier on okay and you have

this option okay let's go to this go

back and try this timing test okay so

this is your magnifier on the screen

okay this is just opened a new folder

use the magnifier to navigate pretty

awesome okay so this is what I would

like to show about one of the features

of this Samsung Galaxy so let me know

you have any other questions and please

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need any other help in the future and I

have a have reset video on this phone to

remove any password pattern or pin

blocking the screen if you are using

Talcott feature i have a tutorial how to

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