How to Zoom and Change Views | Google Slides

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Google slides tutorial now we're gonna

be talking about the view and the zoom

tubes and our view in the zoom tabs and

Google slides so the first thing you I

do is click go to Google slides after

you do that you're gonna want to go

ahead and pick on whatever your

presentation is I'm just gonna use a

Mach one so i'm gonna click book report

just for example purposes once you have

that opened I'm gonna tell you right now

if you don't if you're not familiar with

Google slides all of these tabs at the

top these tabs are awesome and take some

time and really just understand what

they all mean so right you know and this

happened this little seer in this

session we're gonna be talking about the

View tab but there are so many great

tabs that you can use so in the View tab

we can go ahead and we can look at you

know maybe we want to shrink it down so

we can change the sizes of our zoom I

use this sometimes so 100 percent makes

it really big but sometimes you want to

look at it from like a farther angle you

can only consume out this is like the

same as that hundred percent fifty

percent thing it's just a little

different so you know the zooming in and

zooming out can really help you if

you're trying to like look at the big

picture or if you're trying to insert an

image that's too big I can help you with

that too another really important thing

about the View tab is animations so you

know I like adding animations to thing

so like let's say we have this book

title and we can just animate it and we

want it to instead of fada and let's do

something cool like spin it I can go

ahead and see what that looks like

voila it's meant very cool right other

things in the View tab that you need to

know snap to so I've never used that

show speaker notes is great but what if

you want to get rid of them says those

things at the bottom but if you're not

putting speaker notes in your

presentations you know it might really

help you because it's things that you

can see on your computer as you're

presenting but no one else can see so

it's really like let's say I write this

is my noops

or these are my notes actually incorrect

grammar here and you can put a bunch of

really cool stuff down there and you can

also do fullscreen I mean the view tab

really it's really powerful so that's it

for the view tab