How To Zoom In And Out EASILY! - Adobe Photoshop CC - Tutorial #12

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what's happening guys my name is Alex

and welcome to a new Photoshop tutorial

as a last Photoshop tutorial of today is

create like right now with 5:30 when

you're watching this video when it just

went live is 5:30 in this video guys I'm

gonna show you guys how to zoom in and

out easily so let's say you are masking

something or you're drawing something

any one is zoom in so you can see like

details I'm gonna show you guys how to

freakin do that I'm freakin stoked to

make this tutorial for you guys so I

would say that's what don't waste any

time here let's jump straight into the

video okay guys so basically as you can

see we are on Photoshop again and so I'm

gonna show you guys how to zoom in and

zoom out easily because if you let's say

I'm going to pick the eraser tool like

this one and I'm going to put you know

it thickness like to like solid and like

really really small you know as you can

see I'm gonna like make it edible so

like to see like this you know if you're

working on you know on that with like

that thin and you need to do specific

details you just want to zoom in if

there's no way you're gonna press your

nose against the monitor see this so

basically what I would recommend is you

know there are two options you can also

zoom in you know that that's why I what

that's what I use as well the easiest

and the fastest way just hold alt and

scroll up as you can see so you can zoom

in like a lot as you can see we're just

we can also zoom and that's basically

how you zoom out as well you can see how

tiny the freaking picture is I'm going

to you know scroll up a bit and that is

basically I'm just holding alt and that

is basically how you zoom in and out

with the first one that's what I use as

well so let's say I'm a today I boom

boom boom and doing something and it's

like oh I want I'm gonna do something

I'll scroll up I said let's say for

example I'm just going around the tree

and you can see scroll down holding alt

and then you can do it like this like

that boom and I was like see like let's

see how it looks scroll down that looks


scroll back up you know as you can see

like holding alt and scroll back up

again and that's basically how you can

do it that's how you you know scroll

back and forth by just holding out

Algie are just all to the left of your

keyboard right next to your window key

that is basically how I that's the first

method so the second method is also

really easy so you want to go to this

little loop I can boom and what that

does is you can click on it and it zooms

in as you can see and you can also like

right click zoom out right click zoom

out right click zoom out

right click 2000 years later so that is

basically how you can zoom in like on

both methods it's really freakin simple

you can use the loop as you can see the

left or you can just you know press like

a random I can hold alt and you can

scroll up and down and that is basically

I was similar this guy's that is how you

su and there are a lot of methods you

know that can that you can do but I

think it's easier if you like say you're

editing it's just easier to just you

know press ctrl or a mean press alt and

then scroll up and down it's way easier

and that's what I would recommend so

that is how simple it is is there's

nothing more to tell you and you can now

go ahead and start you know editing

photos like pictures or photos so know

guys that is basically how it all is

there's nothing more to tell you that is

so simple this guy's it's really easy I

know and I want to thank us for watching

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it so the thing guys watching I'll see

you guys tomorrow to hit rim tutorials

like I said in the previous video a new

series is going to start really stoked

for that that's why I'm making fire

right now and I wanna thank you guys

watching and I'll see you guys tomorrow

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you know

all that kind of movies he was a great

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you guys I'll see you guys next week