How to ZOOM in on a Mac

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Hey everyone. In this video, I wanted to show you how you could zoom in on your Mac

just like this with a pre-built setup on your Mac. If it's your first time here, I make tech tutorials

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So let's jump into System Preferences. I'm actually gonna use this zoom option

just to show you how I work so let's go to System Preferences here. Let's go ahead and click that to open it.

Let me zoom back out and under system preferences,

there's an option here on the bottom called accessibility. Let's go ahead and click that one. I'll zoom back out again

let me zoom back in just to show you a little better and

here there is an option called zoom go ahead and click that and

this is where you turn this option on and off so use keyboard shortcut to zoom I have that checked on and use

scroll gesture with a modify key, so in this case I have option

and I'm using a magic mouse so if I hold option down I could zoom out with my finger and zoom in.

That's this option here, so if I turn this off. It won't work if I turn this on it will work

Just like that and you could use command or control as your keyboard modifier. Also I lock option

I don't use option very often so that's how I'm gonna zoom in and with the keyboard shortcut you got option

command +


equal or

- so let me just show you if I hold


Option + + it'll zoom all the way in and - will zoom all the way out so that's a way to seamlessly

Zoom in and out with a keyboard shortcut if that's what you like and you could change the speed and the way this zooms in

So if I go to options here I could do the maximum zoom to be a 12 right now

It's at 4 so when I do it it. Goes 4 times. What if I do 8 it?

Will go 8 times much more close, so it depends on what you want to do

And you got a minimum zoom you got some other options here

And I like continuously with pointer this way when you zoom in like this

It will follow your pointer as you move around so I'm gonna press ok here

Let me come back out and the other option

I wanted to show you here is

Zoom style so right now my full screen so when I zoom in the fullscreen zooms in but if I change it to picture-in-picture

It will just zoom in on the area that I'm talking about and the rest of the screen stays the same and again this moves

So if I use my mouse I'm using option and mouse this keyboard modifier here

And I could just show you things around the screen really easily now one more thing to note if you are on Mac

iOS High Sierra this operating system

This option doesn't actually get recorded when you do a screen capture

So you will actually distort the screen when you zoom in this option will work this picture in picture

But the fullscreen option when you zoom in it actually distorts the screen

And I'm actually using a camera to record my screen in this case just to be able to do this presentation

Otherwise when I do this one

I'm using a screen capture like OBS it

distorts the screen and that's just a bug in the operating system that I'm hoping Mac will soon fix at

Anytime you spin around sense Mac, iOS

High Sierra came out and still March of

2008 is still a bug so hopefully by the time you check it out

And you're using this operating system the bug will be gone so you could do screen captures and do full zooms and get those

recorded in the meantime

You could use the picture-in-picture setting if you're using this for any screen capture

And this is not just the OBS QuickTime has the problem with screen capture

ScreenFlow really any Mac screen capture software will have that distortion happen

And I couldn't find a solution to it because it's a Mac problem right now with this operating system

Anyway, I hope you found this useful. Please give it a like and subscribe to this channel like I said

I post tech videos and Mac tutorials, just like this one five times a week

So I really hope to see you on the next video. Thank you so much for watching