Change Screen Resolution (Official Dell Tech Support)

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hi welcome to Dell tech support do you

know how to adjust the image on your

monitor to get the best display possible

in this video we will show you how to

set the screen resolution and adjust the

colors to prevent pixelation and poor

video quality first it's important to

adjust the screen resolution you are

currently using right-click on your

desktop and select display settings in

the screen click on advanced display

settings select the resolution according

to your monitor or screen usually the

resolution supported by your monitor

screen will be marked as recommended

after selecting click apply and keep

changes if everything is okay if you

selected the wrong resolution or it's

incompatible don't worry just wait about

10 seconds and the previous version will

return to adjust the colors on your

monitor or screen in the advanced

display settings window select color

calibration if you're using more than

one monitor drag the window to the

monitor you want to configure and then

start the calibration once done continue

by clicking next in this screen press

the Settings button on your monitor and

reset the settings to start the color

calibration from scratch then continue

next is the adjustment range it is

responsible for the ratio between red

green and blue and it also controls the

amount of light emitted for example the

middle image is known as the good range

go to the next screen and start setting

up move the arrow to set the level range

and continue when done to adjust the

brightness and contrast go to the

settings menu on your monitor again and

go to the brightness adjustment option

and contrast and advance see the example

for good brightness and on the next

screen set your brightness level now

select the contrast option in the

monitor menu and follow the example

shown on the screen now for the color

adjustment contrast the color proportion

setting determines the way in which the

shades of grey' appear in your video

just move the sliders for each color on

the next screen to remove all color

reinforcement gray bars if you want to

compare the new configuration with the

old just click on the buttons to toggle

between previous and current calibration

if you want to save the new

settings click finish in the 200 window

you need help or have any questions

contact us through one of our social

media channels at Facebook or Twitter

thanks for watching and if you have any

tips please leave us a comment see you

next time