How to Zoom in on Part of Video | Premiere Pro Tutorial

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to get started I just added a video clip

to my timeline with a swan that I'd like

to zoom in on while leaving the rest of

the video alone the best way to do this

is by going over to the effects panel

type magnify into the search box

drag the magnifying effect onto your

clip on the timeline

make sure your clip is selected and go

over to magnify and effect controls

under magnify you can set the shape to

either a circle or a square I'm going to

stick with a circle to change the center

position of your shape you can either

click the center setting and drag around

its anchor point in the video preview

or you can just drag the center's values

and effect controls to change it


the magnification setting is going to

affect how much it zoomed in I'm going

to increase this to 200 the size setting

will affect how big your shape is

and you can also increase the feather

setting if you don't want your zoomed in

shape to have sharp edges ok the

magnifying effect works great but I'm

going to undo this and show you the

other way to do it go back over to the

effects panel and type transform into

the search box under distort drag the

transform effects on to your video clip

on the timeline make sure your video

clip is selected and then scroll down to

the second transform effect in effect

controls under transform click the

circular square to create a mask around

the object you'd like to zoom in on and

you can just drag the masks handles to

adjust its size or drag the center of

the mask to adjust its position now

simply increase the scale to zoom in to

the part of your video covered by your

mask lastly you can also increase the

masks feather if you don't want the

sharp edges of the mask shape okay and

that's all there is to it thanks for

watching and see you next time