How to zoom in for musically

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I want to tell you how to zoom in so you

go to your apps and go to musically so

you see I'm already in the app so go

ahead and pick your sound I'm going to

go down here and if you want to follow

me go ahead

I definitely I'm going to pick up this

sound so I'm going to pick that sound

and I'm going to ask you try to remember

that so I'm going to freeze there press

the home button go to camera so and then

I'm going to try to zoom in just like

that just like that as you see and I am

going to do it musically with zooming in

so I'll be right back

okay so I made the video so you're gonna

have to keep it right there

so now all you're going to have to do is

go back go back onto musically goats you

post video and go to from library you

cannot do this without the I think you

can't do this without the update I'm not

too sure press video right there and

find your video and it's just like that

so you can't hear the sound so you're

just gonna have to move your LPS and in

certain directions just like that and

now hit the check mark right there let's

gonna have to wait for load because it

is so slow which I don't know why so

we're gonna have to wait


so that's going to be it and then you

can do yes do hash tag that's it there

and so I hope you liked this tutorial

DIY thingy and I'm going to place this

on musically so you guys know I'm good

so see you guys later bye