How To Zoom In and Zoom Out In Word Document

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hello everyone how are you doing this is

md tech here for another quick tutorial

today i'm going to show you guys how to

zoom in or out of a Microsoft Word

document so this is pretty

straightforward and we're not actually

increasing or decreasing the size of the

documents font and how it would print

out it's going to print out the exact

same the purpose of this video is if you

wanted to zoom in and you just wanted to

take a better look at something without

actually having to print it out in

bigger font this can be especially

useful if you're working on a document

you just want to be able to read it a

little bit better so in order to do this

it's very simple what I recommend in the

bottom right corner there should be

something that has a hundred percent in

the bottom right corner so if you left

click on this box this is a hundred

percent which should probably be a

hundred percent but any percent at all

is fine you want to left-click inside of

it you can change the zoom in level you

can change into two hundred by clicking

on the two hundred box so let's say we

zoomed in to two hundred click on that

if you click on that box again so if we

scroll through the paper we can see now

it is appears to be a little more zoomed

in if you click on the two hundred

percent now let's do one to make it 75

percent click on OK you can see as we

have zoomed out definitely on this page

and click on it again you can affect the

page West you can show multiple pages if

you chose to do so and another quicker

way in my opinion of doing this as well

would be in the bottom right corner and

you see there's a plus and a minus sign

with a bar going horizontally through

both of them if you click on the plus

sign it'll zoom in a little bit more and

a hundred percent is the default size so

if you were at 70 or 75 you just click

on the plus to get it back to 100 if you

were a little bit too zoomed in you

could just click on the minus sign it

would zoom me out a little bit and I

believe it goes in increments of 10 so

that's also another way of zooming in

and out of a Word document so pretty che

forward it's nice

little tool to know about so as always

thank you for watching this tutorial I

hope it helped you out and I will catch

you in the next video goodbye