Minecraft - HOW TO ZOOM YOUR MAP [ Tutorial ] MCPE / Xbox / Bedrock / Java

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the map zoom you want for your bass is

very dependent on your personal style

and taste hey there guys give me here

for room

Skippy's sakes game you guys coming to

you from random downloaded redstone

mansion world because it's going to

serve a purpose so today guys we are

gonna talk about maps I know maybe some

people know this but I'm gonna tell you

right now I didn't know this until today

I saw in my let's play someone had a

nice zoomed in math zoomed in right on

their base and I was like wow that's so

cool how did they do that we went into

the discord and the conversation ensued

we did a little bit of time on the wiki

and here you go so basically this is

going to work on bedrock and on Java not

on console edition console edition is

locked in a 3/4 map so before we go any

further guys for this one here let's go

for ya 314 likes if you're one of those

dudes don't forget to hit me up in the

comments I always love to hear from you

so let's start this whole map

conversation so basically I got it down

now how to you can have a super zoomed

out version of a map again this is

pretty much this is the same map you can

zoom in a little bit more you could zoom

in even more and you could go right in

block 4 block I think even more so

basically let's start this off with a

crafting table here so everybody knows

again on different versions there's

different things but basically you could

just make on bedrock you could just make

a map with paper it doesn't have to have

all the stuff it's gonna be a blank map

so if you want to take this blank map

with paper if you were to replace this

Center one with a compass it would then

become a locator map that said any map

that's going to have your whereabouts on

it like this little marker right here

it's going to need a compass so we're

taking it one step further here though

is that if you're on bedrock in Java and

you know those additions we could

actually zoom in a map so what I'm gonna

do here is let's go ahead and grab a

compass just so I could show you right

from step one so let's go in and let's

make you know the good old fashioned map

by locator map you know we go like this

in a big circle around a compass take

the compass put it here

bang we got an empty locator map so if

we were to take this map right here and

just open it Bango we have this size so

as you can see this size here is a

totally different size than these ones

here because it's not quite zoomed in a

perspective yet this is on bedrock again

you will have something closer to a 3/4

size on console edition so we have this

map right here so looks good to me

this map can now change sizes and the

way that you do this is just with an

anvil and paper so let's take our first

map right here you know what I'm gonna

do I'm gonna throw a little chart on the

on the screen right now so from straight

from the wiki we got this first one here

the zoom Sept 0 I feel like this is the

0 step that you got right here in front

of you more or less pretty close to this

one and this is gonna be 128 by 128 and

it's 8 by 8 chunks and it needs 8 pieces

of paper to craft as you saw in the last

menu that we did so if we want to take

this guy and we want to zoom him and

make him a zero a zero is going to be as

close as you could get so let's go ahead

and just take this map put them in the

anvil take the regular map and put in 8

pieces of paper and now we have a 104 so

let's take the 104 and let's throw him

up right here

bang 1 of 4 so as you can see this guy

is as zoomed in as you get I think that

this is pretty much a zoomed is as it

gets and this is going to be this is the

left side pretty much so as you can see

we are zoomed in as it gets we look how

big that is we can see the whole castle

everything next to it and then we're

gonna spin around and go through the

graphic so all you got to do now is if

you want to take this map right here and

you want to zoom out a little bit more

that's actually easy you're gonna go

over here and you're gonna just go ahead

and add so basically what we did before

was we already used a pieces of paper to

make the map we added 8 pieces of paper

to make the map which would actually

took us over 2

104 instead of 0 to 4 so basically let's

go in here and let's take that same 104

map and add 8 more pieces of paper and

guess what you're going to get 6 7 8

right here

look what we got is a 2 of 4 you could

actually go straight through right here

and zoom out as far as you want by

adding 16 pieces of paper so now this

should say 3 or 4 okay so it doesn't

work that way we're gonna take half of

these guys we take this 2 of 4 again

this is going to be right here let's go

put them right here to a4 a little bit

more zoomed out as you can see on our

visual display go ahead and put this guy

in and let's do it all over again to a4

with 8 we're gonna have a 3 or 4 I'm

telling you you know what some people

might not know about this but I didn't

know about this I got you know four

years of Minecraft YouTube and you know

30 million views and here we are I

learned something today so as you can

see we have the different zooms this is

really cool if you want to kind of show

off your base on one of them or you

really want the big picture so yeah I'm

thinking that's about it on this one if

you did learn a little bit of something

here go ahead and smack a look on it

yeah I'm telling you I learned something

here I was like wow a lot of people can

be like Skippy I knew that but in my

discord not many people know we kind of

had a group learning session gravy

filler kind of stepped up and yeah I

invited them to the realm now so

hopefully he'll jump on in and yeah

thanks a lot for tuning in guys don't

forget this match like before you go and

yeah I'll catch you guys on the next one