How to Zoom In and Out on Macbook Pro / Air - macOS 10

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hello everyone this is Anson from Anson

Alex dot-com and in this video I'm

actually filming my keyboard and my

trackpad on my macbook pro as you can

see at the same time that I film I

display because I'm going to show you

how you can zoom in and out on a MacBook

Pro MacBook Air actually really any Mac

I'm going to show you a couple different

ways here so and you need to see my

keyboard in order to see how I do that

so my personal favorite works on any Mac

computer and it's actually to use

keyboard shortcuts I like to use command

+ command - in the command 0 key command

+ will always zoom you in so you can see

I can zoom right in and then I could

scroll around the page if I wanted to

define exactly the area that I'm looking

for command - is going to go ahead and

bring me back out and if I kind of

forget what my normal zoom is I can

always hit command 0 to bring me back to

normal so that's my personal favorite

way to zoom on any Mac computer now if

you have a laptop Mac Mac Book Air

MacBook Pro you can also zoom using the

trackpad and it works just the same as

it does on your iPad or iPhone you're

just going to pinch two fingers outwards

to zoom in so you can see when I do that

my computer screen zooms in we could

zoom it a little more and then to zoom

out it's just the opposite we're just

going to pinch out backwards now if you

want to get back to normal you still

have to do the command 0 which is kind

of the reason why I use these keys to

begin with anyways but those are two

really good ways that you can zoom on a

Mac so I hope that helps you can also go

to your Apple menu and then your system

preferences and if you go into the

displays section

you can choose to scale your display to

make it say larger text now this could

mess up certain applications on your

computer because now you've got a

different resolution you're not using

the optimal resolution for a stay

MacBook Pro in this case so you can see

I would have to resize my Chrome window

here you know that's another way that

you can also zoom in on your Mac and

that's a permanent zoom but again you

want to be careful with that if things

start showing up incorrectly on your

screen it might be because you're using

a different resolution so best way to

maintain your the performance of your

Mac yet still be able to zoom in is to

keep your resolution as the best for

your computer but then use the command +

a - or the trackpad pinch so I hope this

video helped if it did I would really

appreciate a thumbs up here on YouTube

and if you want to see more technology

tips and tutorials remember to subscribe

to my youtube channel that's all I have

for you for today it's Anson from Anson

Alex calm