Using the Kindle for PC app

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all right I'm going to show you a little

bit of how to use the Kindle for PC app

so that you can view your content on

your laptop you can read me books see

any notes and highlights so when you

open up your Kindle for PC app the very

first time

if you've already downloaded it you

it'll bring up this little box here that

says register your Kindle so what you're

going to want to do is type in your

Amazon account email address the one

that is associated with your Kindle

where you have your ebooks so if it is

for me it's actually my my husband's

email address mmm because we share one

account that way we can share books for

a student this may be a parent's email

address they may have their own Amazon

account and they put their email address

but it's the Amazon account email

address that has the ebooks associated

so I'm going to enter that information

and be right back with you in a second

all right so I have now typed in my

Amazon account information and here is

what the Kindle for PC app screen looks

like we have over here library all items

downloaded items archived items now I've

used this app before even though I just

showed you how I logged in so I've

already downloaded some of the books

from the archived items so when you are

first opening this you're going to see

that a lot of your none of your books

probably will appear in this window

there may be some ebooks in the public

domain like Treasure Island or Aesop's

fables but you're going to need to

download any text that you want to see

from your archived items so you would

click on archived items and this is all

of the books that are in my archived

items on my Kindle so for example let's

say I would like to open up Bossypants

by Tina Fey so I'm going to double click

that and now it's going to download

Bossypants from where I have it stored

on the Amazon website to my laptop now

it's actually all it's living on copies

living on my laptop so that I can

reference that so let me go back to my

library so all items there's all items

now if it has this little cloud need to

download the book from the cloud if it

doesn't have that it is already there

here my download items these are the

items that I have put on to this

particular laptop so for example I just

finished reading with my freshman hotel

on the corner of bitter and sweet so I'm

going to double click that and open it

up now here is sort of a default view

and we show you some of the options we

have here we have the table

contents I can very easily go to the

table of contents the beginning or to a

page or location I can type in right

there I can search let's say I know that

there is a quote I'm looking for that

involves the word a particular phrasing

I can type that in so for example I'm

going to I can look here at this quote

right now bachelor hotel so let's say I

was looking for Bachelor hotel and it's

going to give me all of the instances

when the word Bachelor Hotel shows up

and I can click on those I'll take me

directly to them so for example I can

click there I exactly tell me you are

here or could go there you were here I

was there so here's the other time the

phrase Bachelor Hotel was mentioned and

then here we have notes and marks so

let's say that I want to see everything

I have highlighted bookmarked or anytime

I have made a comment typed in a comment

onto my Kindle this is the entire list

of all of them ok so yellow stands for

highlight and the blue is for a note now

if you notice here we have page 3

location 73 that's a highlight there's

also a note attached since they have the

same page number and location now I can

also edit my notes from this point so

what I prefer is to use my Kindle Touch

to do highlighting an initial

note-taking and then I can come back to

my PC and I can edit those comments so

for example here let me go back to this

previous page sorry I lost my spot ok so

here is this this is my sort of quote

here even the old bachelor Hotel had

stood it as a gateway between Seattle's

Chinatown and neon Machu Japan Japan

town so if I want to read the note I can

click that there now right here in this

box I can edit I can add text make more

notes or I can or I can edit what I've

already written ok and then I can just

click Save or I can delete this note or

I can can

so okay so this is how I can view and I

can easily go to I can also search my

notes and marks oh and I can choose

notes only highlights only bookmarks

only popular highlights so I have some

options there okay so let's say let's

look at the other options we have here

if I want to make this go away there's

going to click on that it's going to

disappear so I have some options as to

how I view I can view this page very

wide I can view it very narrow I can

view more than one column maybe I want

to see maybe maybe my particular style

of reading is that I would like to use

the two column and read this way okay I

can make those choices I can change the

font the font size the brightness now I

can choose a different contrast I could

do sepia or I could do black which is

black background white text now this

I've heard the argument is that this is

better on your eyes because there's not

as much light in this black area there's

not as much light and light is often

blamed as the culprit for headaches when

reading from a screen I personally have

not tried it so I don't have a

preference I prefer the white with the

black text personally I have yet to

discover what my personal feeling is

this is also add a bookmark and sync to

the furthest page read so that means if

I click that I'm going to go to the

furthest page that I have read on my

Kindle so perhaps I was reading at home

last night on my Kindle and I come to

school and I want to pick back up where

I left off my laptop's going to preserve

where I last read on my laptop

it may not I have to sync to the

farthest page read for it to go to the

page I read at home so this is how

you're keeping your home reading and

your laptop reading or wherever your

Kindle reading in your laptop reading to

the same page it's going to ask me I am

currently on page 3 but I've read to

page 299 on my Kindle 2 at 9:09 p.m. on

December 17th 2011 so do I want to sync

to the first page read I could do that

it's actually the very last page ok and

here are the page turning buttons here

these this is the

the reading section the end of the books

we have these Mississippi go page back

and page forward I actually don't like

it this wide so I'm going to I like you

to look that's my preferred orientation

so we can go back to the library and

again all of the same I can make a

collection but as I was saying all of

the same functions that are available to

you on the Kindle Touch are available

here so I can highlight and then I can

just click highlight or add note I can

copy I can also book extras by Shelfari

oh there's book extras dictionary Google

report content area search this book and

Wikipedia so maybe I want to Wikipedia a

particular reference I'm reading private

practice right now I don't necessarily

Oh Mikal mass let's say you are reading

this and you think oh well I can

highlight it and it will pop up the

dictionary Michaelmas the feast of st.

Michael September 29th Old English maybe

I would like actually to know more about

this maybe I want to Wikipedia this it's

going to open up another window and it's

going to give me I can go right to

Wikipedia for this and find all about

the feast of st. Michael okay so all of

the same things that are available to

you on a Kindle Touch are available on

this you can also since I have a tablet

you can't see me doing this but I'm

actually using my my pen you're going to

notice I'm moving my mouse off my pen

I think should highlight with my pen so

I could put my laptop into tablet mode

and then I could or slate mode as

they're calling it now and I could

highlight with my pen

now the typing is not as easy but you

can highlight with the pen as well okay

with my pen away here let me go back to

library so this is an easy way to see

your books to easily open them to read

them if you desire here to search their

table of contents maybe I want to go to

chapter 4 flag duty

and I want to read from there this also

brings up an easy way to search this I

find really helpful so student says oh

you remember when they mentioned the

parasol so you can type in the word

parasol and every time that word is show

it shows up you can click that link and

find that location it gives you a page

number and a location number you can

also search and then you can also view

your notes and works so this is a really

easy way to so for example in my school

active reading is a really important

part of what students are doing so I

have a student who reads on her Kindle

when I asked to see the the act of

reading reading that students are doing

she opens this up on her laptop and she

can breeze through for me through the

list and I can say oh well show me what

you did in you know the certain chapter

I can see here the page numbers and see

what she was highlighting and writing

and I can also she can also click it and

show me the highlights and the notes she

could also pop that up and say oh that

was something that I that I wrote so

this is how I am maintaining the act of

reading in a classroom using Kindles