How to Enlarge Pictures on Amazon Kindle Tablet App

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the Amazon Kindle and application have

revolutionized the way we read there is

no doubt about that but one thing it's

never been able to handle very well our

pictures embedded into the book they

always look far too small on the screen

and no amount of changing be surrounding

font size will make the pictures

actually any bigger now this has

bothered me for years until I suddenly

realized there is a little-known

solution what you need to do is long

press on the picture itself to highlight

it when you do this several options will

appear above the picture on one of these

is a magnifying glass that you can press

to temporarily escape from the text of

the book and display the picture in a

larger format but you can also a pinch

to zoom into and out all to exit the

picture mode and get back to your

reading simply press the X in the top

right hand corner it's a small tip but

one that's improved my Kindle reading

experience in measurably and as a second

quicker alternative method you can

simply double tap on the image to

enlarge it