Zoom Mode iPhone 5s, 6, 6S iOS 9 How to Turn Off and Zoom Out

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Hey everyone so this is going to be a quick guide for those of you who want to disable

zoom mode on your iPhone and also how to get out of it. So first of all you see right now

I'm currently on my lock screen and it's in zoom mode. So if you want to get out of it

you just use 3 fingers and double tap anywhere on the screen. So you see now I'm back to

normal size screen and I'm going to enter my passcode here. Now I'll show you again

as an example. If you use 3 fingers once again and double tap anywhere, you'll go back into

zoom mode. And if you want to move around you'll use 3 fingers, hold down, and then

move like this. So once again you use 3 fingers to go back to the normal size screen. Double

tap. So now in order to disable this feature you're going to go into your Settings. And

then General. And then Accessibility. And then right here Zoom. So you see currently

it is On. So you're going to press on that. Simply drag the slider to the left to turn

it off. If you want to turn it on of course you can drag it to the right. Alright everyone

thanks for watching hopefully you found this video useful and if you have any questions

or comments please let me know in the comments section below.