How to zoom while recording video in instagram stories!

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hello and welcome to another small quick

tutorial on how to use Instagram

especially in the stories even better

and to its full potential we are going

to show you today a quick little hack on

how you can actually zoom while filming

without using two hands or needing to

pinch or something like that let's dive

into the phone and I'm gonna show you

how to do it so I already loaded up

Instagram so you just swipe right and

then you can't see me but I actually

want to do it like that that you can see

you and now what you do is pretty simple

you just tap and hold the record button

and slide your finger up and down and

see what we do you can actually zoom in

let's go to show you how to do it you

see that is so cool and a quick hack

that you can use if you want to single

out something in your shot without

actually going near it or if you can't

go near it

like if it's building or something like

that and you want to show the clockwork

or something like that again just try it

out it's going to be really really funny

you can do really creative stuff with

that and always let us know if you've

trouble with it or if you need any help

see you soon