How To Zoom In And Out In Google Chrome [Tutorial]

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hello everyone how are you doing

this mdtech here another quick tutorial

today I'm gonna be showing you guys how

to zoom in on webpages in Google Chrome

so if a web page is displaying very

small font or the patrons a little bit

zoom down and you like to zoom in a

little bit better if it would help you

view the web page a little bit better

this breeze the tour will be for you

guys so we're gonna start by opening up

our Google Chrome web browser here so it

doesn't have to be any one specific site

but I'm actually going to just Google

something right here I'm just like

Google Google on to Google not very

creative but what can you do so anyway

let's just say we want to zoom in on

this page a little bit more if we go

over to the chrome menu icon at the top

pray for the three vertical dots and you

left-click on it you see underneath zoom

it should say a hundred percent by

default if you click on the minus sign

it'll zoom out the page a little bit

more and if you zoom in an old zoom in a

little bit more and then once you find

the zoom level you like the most

you can click out of it and it'll keep

that resolution on the screen and this

will apply it for all web pages however

it is important to note that some web

pages might not necessarily look that

great if you zoom in or zoom out it

actually won't be as clean of a zoom in

or out as I might be in this situation

especially if it was a picture and

there's words on it if you try and zoom

in and out of that it might not make a

difference so just keep that in mind

it's not always great in all

applications but again I showed you guys

it's very easy to zoom in and out just

by going up here so I hope you guys

enjoyed this brief little tutorial and I

will catch you in the next video goodbye