How to Range a Sniper Rifle in Ghost Recon Wildlands - Beginner Guide

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yep 519 meters let's go ahead and get

our marker huge BAM what's up guys dark

Dahle here playing Ghost Recon wildlands

and today I want to take a little look

into how to arrange your sniper rifle so

that when you look down the scope and

once you've ranged your target you know

exactly which mil-dot to use I'll show

you my system for doing it and this

might just be helpful and we might just

do this with some other rifles although

today we're starting with the l115 a3

I'm going to show you how to range it in

at 250 350 and 500 meters that's usually

the ranges I do and from there you can

pretty much figure out where it's going

to be between the mill dots alright

first we're going to come here I always

come here to via Verde City at the

airport and this is where I do the 250

and 350 ranges and I'll show you how I

do this first let's have a look at the

rifle that we're using you want to get

the rifle first thing there's a couple

things you want to do first you want to

get the rifle set up the way you're

going to be using it because things like

range finders and barrels are going to

affect where your rifle hits at range

now no you cannot zero your scalp in

this game it's really a shame that you

can't but you can't so we're in have to

just that's what we're doing here we're

learning which mil-dot to use at which

range all right so let's have a look at

my l1 1583 now I'm using the tars 101 if

you've seen my video on the l1 1583 I'll

actually have a link for that at the end

of the video as well as in the

description of this video if you've seen

that video then you know that you don't

want to use the T 5x eye because it

shoots really low on that scope and may

it causes you to have to really aim high

to hit anything so we're using the tars

101 and we're using long barrel okay so

this is we're gonna get the most range

we can out of our l1 1583 now the other

thing I want to mention is here's what I

do before I do this I grab me an index

card I write the name of the rifle and

the applicable parts the top of that

card like here alright

l1 1583 alright long barrel so I'll know

that this is what the long barrel

because barrels and range finders are

going to affect your bullet drop sorry

about that that discharged guys my

controllers messed up and keep takes to

hit the trigger button randomly

not very tactical is it so I got an

index card at the very top and writing

l115 long barrel then what I'll do is

I'm gonna draw a picture of a draw this

sight picture just roughly on the index

card once I find out which melih to use

it which ranges I'm just gonna mark by

those little mill dots this mil-dot is

this range this is this range etc all

right so let's get going here now I

always come to via firday City first at

the runway let me show you where I

placed my mark first of all you're gonna

want to if you have any of your HUD up

you're gonna want to stand over here if

you try to place a mark on the wall

standing here your marker is just gonna

lock to this uh there's a rebel camp

over there see or there's something over

there your your mark keeps locking on to

so you always want to stand off to the

side let's get our binoculars out and at

least on the PlayStation notice right

there it says square beacon that's what

we want to do we want a place of beacon

now I always put mine I put it right in

this crack between these top these uh

first two top bricks push square it

places our beacon now I'll tell you why

I place it one brick down from the top

now I used to place it at the top the

reason I do that is so if I overshoot

the marker if I shoot over it then yeah

I can see where I hit that's why I do

that alright so first let's go back to

250 meters now a lot of this it's gonna

start off as guesswork it's gonna start

off as guesswork you're gonna be like

250 meters I think it might hit about

here you know and then you adjust as

needed we're also gonna test once we get

these three basic ranges in we're also

gonna go and test there we go there's

our friend I knew we had one somewhere

okay that guy likes to come down from

that base sometimes alright so we have

now dealt with the pesky guys up there

at the base let's continue with this now

the first thing I'm gonna do is I'm

gonna take the time and I'm gonna go

ahead and draw this crosshair kind of

you know draw my sight picture on my

index card here so I'll know where I'm

shooting from all right so we've got

this basically we good that basic thing

drawn down here on my card now

unfortunately where I shot down that

chopper is okay now here's what we want

to do we want to aim at the bottom of

the the target always aim at the bottom

of the target the reason for this is no

matter what distance you are that little

target marker is the same size

so if you're shooting at the middle and

you're farther away you're actually

gonna be shooting higher because it's

it's at longer range it's gonna be

larger in relation to the background if

you follow me

so always aim at the bottom because the

bottom is when you place the mark it

centers the bottom of the mark where you

placed it yeah yeah yeah you get that

all right so here's we're gonna do so

we're nice and centered in actually

here's one thing you're gonna want to do

first I think I've shown this before my

videos you're gonna want to turn your

aiming sensitivity way way down just

remember to turn it back up afterwards

usually I read mine at 75% but when I do

sniper testing turn it down to 15 or

even zero just turn it all the way down

I read mine at 15 when I do some night

for testing it's gonna make it much

easier to hit your mark now we're at 250

where do I think this rifle is gonna

drop to I'm thinking right about here

this is my guess looks like I was right

on let's go ahead and see I put it right

at the bottom of the crosshair let's see

what that hits our goal is to hit right

at the bottom oh yeah

bull's eye right at the bottom so we

know that the l115 a 3 with a long

barrel at 250 meters is gonna hit right

exactly at the bottom of that crosshair

so I'm recording that on my index card

now there we go let's move back to 350

and this might take a little more

guesswork and it's gonna take a little

running back and forth it can be hard to

recon a shot from 350 meters because

your drone fly up all the way and when

we do 500 meters we will be using a car

to do the recon now once we get this

done I think I already mentioned this

once we get this done what we're gonna

do is we're going to go test this and

I'll show you the perfect testing ground

the tests on enemies all right where do

we think it's gonna hit it 350 let's try

this first mil bond let's just let's

just start nice and simple let's try

this first mil dot here that looked a

little high all right I'm not having any


let's try at the very let stretches at

the top of that vertical axis that the

null dots are on let's try there I'm not

having much luck here it's wait for my


let's rescan let's put a couple rounds

downrange it looks like we found our

spot it looks like it's right at the top

of this vertical line yeah it looks like

we've got it we're gonna fire one more

shot we're in recon these and then we're

gonna move up to 500 meters and then I'm

gonna go test it on enemies profess it

on enemies between 350 and 500 meters to

make sure that we're all scoped in and

I'll show you a great place where you

can do that all right so we've got it

dialed in now at the top of that

vertical line I was hitting these four

bullet holes you see below it that's

where it was hitting what I did was I

moved just a hair down so the top of the

vertical line was overlapping my target

and that is gonna be 350 meters on the

l115 a 3 ok so I brought that down on my

card that at 350 I want the top of that

line overlapping my target so we've got

it 250 350 once we go 500 you can kind

of guess in between there 500 is gonna

be a little more of a climb down the

scale let's go find it I'll show you

what we're gonna go do this what we're

gonna do is there's a building right

here at nuevo mundo that we can shoot

from and it's actually really convenient

so we're gonna go to ink and communit

our Lee and I'll see exactly where we're

shooting and this is actually pretty

easy there's no enemies with him like

half a mile of this place you can shoot

to your heart's content now we are gonna

be on a bit of an incline now I

shouldn't mention that when you're

calculating bullet drop in this game if

you're a higher than the target you

technically have to adjust for less bola

drop because your bullet is on a

downward trajectory and whereas if

you're shooting up at a target you

generally have to adjust for more

because you're firing you know against

the forces of gravity and it's pulling

your bullet down that said it's really

not enough to worry about if your target

is really far above you you might have

to adjust you might have to move your

scope up like 1 mil dot width

like the width of one of those mill dots

it's really not much to worry about but

do keep that in mind that said we are

gonna be kind of up on that hill up

there a little bit but it's not gonna be

enough to throw this off whatsoever

there's a piece of metal on this

building as you'll see right here see

that piece of sheet metal that's a great

place to aim at because you'll be able

to see the sparks from up there even

though we we are gonna

come and recon these shots now first

let's let's zoom in and what we're gonna

do is we're just gonna put a mark

doesn't matter we're just in the middle

of this piece of sheet metal and now

we're gonna fly back to 500 meters I

recommend grabbing a car once we get

parked back there we're actually gonna

grab a car cars are faster than

helicopters because you have to get in

the helicopter or wait for it to spool

up what you want to do is call it in

like a fast car so you can get back and

forth and recon the shots easily first

let's fly back here okay so here we are

at 500 meters now we've got a you know

now comes the guessing game yet again

where do we think it's gonna hit where

do we want to start taking those shots

let's try the big mill bot let's just

try it and see what we get you can do

all your testing from here it might

actually be easier because you don't

have you won't have enemies nearby all

right it looks like the reason I didn't

see sparks is because oh I hit way way

way too high Wow you want that just near

as much with this rifle as I thought see

I was using the t 5x I previously but

that thing gets you so much bullet drop

this weapons actually pretty darn

accurate when you use a scope other than

the t 5x I alright let's go back to 500

meters again alright so we were

adjusting for too much bullet drop

actually let's let's try the small mill

but then let's try this first mill bot

is it really 500 meters on the first

mill dot I don't know let's find out

that okay that time we get the sparks

that looked pretty much right on one

second what's zoom level am I on you

know that's gonna matter too we're at

five point five x doesn't this only okay

we're good we're at five point five okay

we're only half a zoom level less than

the T five X I see a lot of people will

use the T 5x eye because it zooms in so

far because six times well this goes

five point five you're not privy you

can't even tell the difference if you

looked at them side by side hardly you

know so yeah definitely check your zoom

level before you start I probably should

have mentioned that that's okay this is

the first time I'm doing a video like

this we hit right on the money first mil

dot I mean look that's we've got a

couple inches off I ain't worried about

a couple inches I don't go for headshots

when I do Sun I per kills I go I aim for

center mass because I'm trying to show

off I'm just trying to get the job done

you guys know what I mean I'm just

trying to get the job done so we're

gonna put this right directly on the

first mil dot at five hundred so with

this rifle we really never have to go

past the first mil dot not unless you

want to shoot something a kilometer away

and there's no situation where you're

ever gonna have to do that alright guys

that was incredibly easy to arrange

let's go ahead well that 501 was I had a

bit of trouble with the 350 so looking

at this site picture we know the l115 83

at 250 meters you're gonna want to put

the enemies you know what you're gonna

want to put the target directly at the

bottom of that red crosshair at 350

you're gonna want to overlap the top of

that vertical line on them and at 500

that first mil dot that's really it not

much a bullet drop to adjust for now let

me show you where we're gonna go test

let's go test this out let's go we're to

go - we're gonna go to Florida or oh and

we're gonna go down here to F OB

serpiente we can fast travel to Cheerios

the nearby town we should be able to

there we go and when we when we Zone in

at Torrio's we're gonna be exactly

pretty much exactly 500 meters from the

farthest sniper we already know that

alright so we have arrived here we were

right outside f OB serpiente discard

thus far this tower should be about

right about 500 meters from us let's go

ahead and yeah 519 meters alright so

let's go ahead and line this up and take

our shot and I'm gonna be firing these


to give the enemy as a little time to

move as possible let's go ahead and get

our marker here

BAM first first try first shot that's it

really helps to zone these things in I'm

firing unsuppressed because I know it's

not realistic but in this game the bolts

travel slower with the suppressor on you

want to give the enemy especially over

these long distances you want to give

them as a little time to move as

possible all right this enemy here 400

meters remember we're a 350 mark was

we're gonna be aiming just a little

lower than that so we're gonna put the

marked all right here BAM so we got a

400 meter shot no problem we can pick

off a few of these towers from here this

tower looks pretty far - where's this

tower at this target is for hunt also

400 meters no problem that's em down but

when you're firing unsuppressed don't

just take into consideration the

distance you are from the base take into

consideration your surroundings there

may be an enemy just right over here

just just to my flank

whoo-hooo could hear that shot you know

so okay here you have another enemy this

enemy looks to be also 400 meters so

we're not getting as much of it oh oh

he's going inside here we go can we

shoot him to the window let's find out

this thing's is actually shooting pretty

straight today we got him took us a

follow up shot we had to go up a little

bit more but we got him this is a fun

rifle guys this is a lot of people favor

the l115 they really do and this is a

good one alright we moved up a little

bit because we want to test shorter

ranges as well we have a sniper right

here at 370 meters remember where 350

was so we ran aim right there perfect

250 perfect let's see if we can get this

guy and we got them alright guys so

that's how you uh that's how you range

in a rifle do 250 350 500 between those

numbers because you're never gonna have

to engage anywhere near 500 really even

once you get a feel for those you'll

start just getting a feel for where

everything else is in your

picture there and then this is a great

place to come test now I did the first

two parts as you saw at Via Verde run

runway you could really do all three out

there at Inka kameena maybe we'll do it

out there from now on if we're just

doing ranging now doing this stuff at

via ferrata is great the test bullet

drop because we have those bricks that

we can use to measure exactly how far

the bullet dropped in comparison to

other rifles but maybe ranging stuff in

it might be better to do it he could

Camino so I think my friend Charles for

showing me that

as far as damage testing this is a great

place to go as you see I was able to

engage targets at 500 400 350 and 250

meters without drawing any attention to


so this place works good for that let's

put that picture up on the screen one

more time so here is where you're gonna

be shooting with the l115 a3 with a long

barrel at 250 350 and 500 meters there's

not much bullet drop to adjust for with

this guy it's just moving between the

crosshair and that top Mel dot alright

guys thank you so much for watching I

hope this was helpful tell me what you

think in the comments below and what

rifle you would like to see me range

next time guys this has been real fun

it's been a pleasure on dark Dahle I

will catch you guys next time