FL Studio 20 How to Zoom In and Out

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what happy all this is fo studio how to

zoom out so what you're gonna do is

you're gonna hit control and move your

mouse or move your scroller thing

there's two ways to do it

Alt alt stretches it out up like that

alt control so if you want to do both

you gotta do them one bulb on all

control all let's zoom it out or in

really this is zooming out so just gonna

do the opposite alt ctrl alt scroll hit

that scroll thing on your mouse you can

do that or you could go here and go here

click expand click expand and then

expanding the length is mostly this

right here you're gonna click that or to

shrink so you get what I'm saying

so that's pretty much how you manage

that this this won't do it this this

doesn't have that Auto clicky thing like

like this does like the auto stretch but

you gotta hit this right here so anyways

guys thanks for watching remember ctrl

alt this and that that's how you zooming

in and out this also can work but I

would say that's a surefire method but

it is there so thanks for watching guys

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video this is about Auto tuning and

whatnot review describers alright