Zooming in Chrome (Keyboard Shortcuts)

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hi all this video is intended to help

with some of the strain caused by

reading online for any period of time it

doesn't have to be hours and hours of

reading it can be a short period of time

and still be very annoying so what can

we do to help out a little well this is

just one quick and easy method and

that's to simply zoom in in addition to

the built-in methods there are some

keyboard shortcuts that can be super

handy so let's just go to a random

article here we'll scroll down some and

look at maybe 0 values new values the

road to Pearl Harbor there we go so here

we are we're looking at a segment in the

textbook on the road to Pearl Harbor

will say we've been reading for about 10

minutes and our eyeballs are starting to

go squirrely maybe we should have

glasses and don't maybe we have good

vision but we didn't sleep as well last

night either way by making the text a

little bigger it can be easier to see

now in addition to the built-in methods

that are available by clicking on the

menu and changing the zoom here other

methods include this holding down the

control key once we've clicked it we can

hit the plus zoom zoom zoom each time

you hit plus it zooms in a little more

there's 150 there's 175 there's 200 so

if we didn't need all of the extra

materials on the outside this is much

easier to see now if we're scrolling and

we think we might be missing something

we can hold down control and hit minus

and it will zoom out or we can hold down

control and hit 0 then it will go back

to 100% to its standard setting control

0 that's it pretty quick and easy

alright I hope that helps if you need it

use it if you don't it didn't hurt you

to watch the video i have a good