[Chrome] Forcing the Pinch to Zoom Feature on Mobile Websites

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now as I continue with the chrome tips

for Android I wanted to show you about a

nice little feature that's hidden within

the settings so a lot of websites have

moved to a responsive and mobile design

this is nice because it prevents you

from having to pinch and zoom to see

text or swipe left and right on the

screen to look at a different column

overall it's a nice way to view a

website from your smartphone but a lot

of mobile websites will actually remove

the pinch to zoom feature however if you

dive into the settings we're just gonna

tap on that three-dot menu at the top

right and then tap on settings from here

we're just going to tap on accessibility

and there's an option here called force

enable zoom now as I just showed you

before whenever I tried to pinch to zoom

on Android explained comm it would not

work but whenever we enable the force

enable zoom option we just tap the back

button twice we are now able to pinch to

zoom on a website even if it uses a

mobile user interface

this is great if the DPI on your phone

is too big and it's cause the text to be

small and you could follow the tutorial

I wrote about yesterday right here about

how to make text bigger and smaller

within Chrome or you can able this force

pinch to zoom feature and then you can

pinch to zoom in and out of a website

this is great for looking at text to

make text bigger as well as images you

say I have a screenshot here I can zoom

into that image it's not guaranteed to

work on all websites with a mobile

interface but it should work with the

majority of them