How to Enable Force Zoom Websites in Chrome In Phones & Tablet

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hey guys welcome back again I'm MJ today

I will show you how to force the zooming

in your Android phone using Chrome

browser some were upside and some social

media sites will not zoom in when going

to zoom in in your android phone but I

will show you the easy way how to force

zooming in Chrome browser so open any

web site here and when I'm going to zoom

in here it's not working look at that oh

no blue mean so for these just go to

your setting

okay so just tap on the accessibility as

you can see accessibility so after this

just enable this force enabled soon as

you can see you go check on this force

and I will go and come back now let's

see okay the same answer I am using here

and I decide to swim in yoga right so

now it's zooming and so more easily okay

yeah so you don't need to install any

extra app or you don't need to do any

hard work so just go to our setting and

tap on accessibility and then tap on

force and I was soom so it will zoom

your any website in your phone okay so

yeah easily

I hope it'll be thank for watching see

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thank you very much