Digital Zoom Tutorial

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today I'm going to show you how to zoom

during playback so the first thing

you're gonna want to do is right-click

on the screen and then click main menu

and once you're in the main menu go to

operation at the top and click on search

now you're going to select the channel

that you want to zoom in Bond I want to

zoom in on channel 4 so I'm gonna select

4 from the drop-down next go to the

timeline and select the time you want to

zoom it on now I only want to zoom in on

this one frame so I'm going to go ahead

and click pause now you're gonna draw a

box around the object you want to zoom

in on so I'm going to go to the upper

left hand corner of the TV and drag to

the lower right hand corner you'll

notice that as I drag a green box

appears that lets me know where I'm

going to be zooming now I'm going to go

inside the box and click just so that

you can't zoom a second time so if you

want to zoom into a smaller area you're

first gonna have to right-click on the

screen and that will zoom out and then

you can draw another box so I'll do it

again but this time I'm going to zoom in

on the security camera just above the TV

so once again I'm going to draw my box

now I'm going to click inside the box

and I've successfully zoomed in on the