Camtasia 9 How To Zoom In and Out On Your Videos

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I can't play this video of you because

you're like touching your boobs like

just I just clicked on part of the video

and you were like so now I have to

delete that I have to start over now hey

guys how's it goin it's Joel talentino

here alright so in this video I'm gonna

show you how to zoom in and out in

Camtasia 9 alright so I'm in the

dashboard right now in Camtasia 9 and

I've already got a video loaded up on

the timeline so when you are ready to do

the zoom in and zoom out feature you

want to make sure that the video clip or

the picture that you want to zoom in and

out on is highlighted so you need to

click on it and make sure that it has

the yellow border around it then you

want to head over to animations and

you'll now see this thing called zoom

and pan so that's what you're gonna so

that's where you're going to use to zoom

in and out of whatever you're working on

so when you're ready to zoom in you want

to do it through this window right here

you're not touching anything on the

actual playback screen you're doing it

on this small one right here so when

you're ready to zoom in you basically

pull on the corner and let's say you

zoom in over here right and then let's

say you're done and you want it to zoom

back out well you need to physically do

that and put it back in the right place

that you want to you can't just have it

zoom in and then have it go back by

itself you have to do it manually so as

you can see I just did like a zooming in

and zoom out thing will just quickly

play that for you so it's going to zoom

in and then it's going to play for a bit

and then it's going to zoom out this is

just some test footage of my business

partner here before we were shooting a

video so so you can play around

with all these different circular knobs

here you can go zooming in through here

and you can move it around if you only

want it in this corner if you want it

over here and you'll notice that when

you are creating a new zoom in or zoom

out this thing pops up whenever you do

like a new movement that controls the

movement that you just created so I'm

gonna show you an example here if you

stretch this arrow out that actually

makes the zoom go slower so I'll show

you what I mean so you see these short

ones I'll play it back they happen

pretty quickly so if this isn't lag so

it's kind of lagging right now because I

have a bunch of programs open but when

it's shorter it zooms in a lot faster

and when you stretch out the arrow it

goes a lot longer so I'll show you right

here so this zoomin as you can see it's

going slower way slower than the

previous one that I just showed you and

so you can play around with that with

what speed you want and you know when

you're done and you want things to go

back to normal you just set it back to

the original frame of the video and then

you're back so definitely play around

with that feature in your videos you can

do some really cool things with it like

zooming in really out like zooming in

really fast and moving it over and doing

like a pan oh another thing is um let me

show you if you want to do a pan if you

want to pan across your video let me

show you that really quickly so let me

just delete all these and then let's say

we want to pan from here all the way

across the video right so let's start it

over here and we want it to go across

the video so we'll just go all the way

like that so you can see it's going to

zoom in and then it's going to pan later

on so right now it's just zoomed up so

close to her face and then we'll move

the cursor over its going to pan across

so it panned across really quickly I'm

not sure if you saw it it might have

been kind of glitchy let me stretch it

out a bit so that you can see it a

little better so it stretched out the

arrow and we'll do the pan a little

slower so it's kind of glitchy right now

but you can see you see what I mean it's

going across the video and when you

render the video even though it's

glitchy right now when you render the

video it will come out smooth it's just

I've got a lot of programs happening

right now because I'm doing a screen

record as well as having this editing

software on at the same time so that is

how you use the zoom in and zoom out

function on Camtasia 9 I would highly

recommend adding this to your videos

because it will make for some dynamic

footage when you use it properly alright

guys well if I was able to help you out

at all please let me know by giving us a

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be very much appreciated

alright guys well thank you so much for

watching and I'll see you in the next