Viewport Navigation Without Middle Mouse Button

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when you start using blender for the

very first time the interface can seem

quite daunting if you click on an object

in the way that you're used to that is

with the left mouse button nothing

happens except that a mysterious little

circle is positioned where you clicked

further experimentation may lead you to

discover that objects can be selected

with the right mouse button

and the little circle is the cursor used

for positioning of new objects and for

snapping operations

but how do you navigate the viewport how

do you rotate and patent the view that's

as you probably know by now is done with

the middle mouse button which most

computer mice is also the scroll wheel

as you start playing with the

application you may be forgiven for

thinking the situation is not ideal

if you don't have a separate little

mouse button for clicking and you're

pressing and holding the wheel then it's

also easy to scroll the wheel

inadvertently and zoom the view and on

some mice the wheel clicking action may

be too stiff for comfortable use laptop

owners may not have a middle mouse

button at all thankfully blender offers

some preference settings to help

the mouse button to be used for

selection can be set to the left mouse

button and middle mouse button

navigation can be changed to alt left

mouse button usage by switching on the

emulate 3-button mouse setting this

feature is only available if the right

mouse button is set as the select button

that means that if you prefer to select

with the left mouse button and want to

avoid using the middle mouse button for

navigation you're out of luck a safe

elegant and effective solution is

possible with the help of a blender atom

we take advantage of the fact that

blender allows atoms that is plugins

written in the Python scripting language

to declare keyboard and mouse in

shortcuts in addition to those setup

with the key configuration you're using

an add-on can therefore be offered to

provide additional mousing commands

enabling viewport navigation without the

middle mouse button the beauty of the

solution is that you can continue using

the same key configuration you have even

if you have customized it the atom makes

no changes to your key configuration but

offers its functionality on top of it so

let's get to it

it is quite simple download the big EP

no MMB navigation add-on file from the

page link to in the description of this

video once the file is on your hard

drive go to the add-ons panel in user

preferences click install from file

select the other one file and click

install from file button once the file

is loaded in blender enable the add-on

by clicking the box and its right press

the save user settings button to save

your preferences note that blender will

have made the copy of the add-on file

the its own configuration folder so the

file you downloaded is no longer needed

it can be deleted also notes that the

procedure for disabling the add-on is to

untick the box on its rights and click

the save user Settings button of course

we don't want to do that now

in the input panel choose the mouse

button to select with as far as the

add-on is concerned this can be either

the left or the right button we're going

to proceed on the assumption you prefer

to select with the left click the save

user Settings button again and close the

Preferences window now you can rotate

the view by clicking and dragging the

right mouse button

you can pan the view with alt right

mouse button that is press the Alt key

on the keyboard as you click and drag

the right mouse button and you can zoom

the view with all the control right

mouse button

to place the cursor in 3d view press

shift control right mouse button

in other windows such as for instance

the node editor the navigational

commands are the same pan the view with

alt ride button

and zoom the view with old control ride


on some operating systems you may find

these mousing operations conflict with

your system settings if this is your

case you will need to change your system

preferences before you can use the

add-on in the special mode of stencil

painting these mousing commands will not

work because they conflict with existing

commands for stencil transformations

in this case you can make the commands

work again by pressing the wind key on

Windows or the command key on Mac in

addition to alt or alt control as you

click and drag the right mouse button so

win old right button to pan win alt

control right button to zoom

and likewise for the command key on the


the navigation mousing commands of this

add-on do not work in Greece pencil

continues drawing mode and when using

the knife tool the usual methods remain

available middle mouse button and mouse

wheel shortcuts to demonstrate by

pressing a combination of shift alt and

ctrl modifier keys you can rotate and

pan the view by rotating the wheel at

the same time this is a standard blender

feature not part of the atom if you

don't have a wheel then you will need to

make your cuts in stages

and that brings us to the end of the


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