How to Move in Blender 2.8 on a Laptop - Orbit, Pan, & Zoom with 2 Button Mouse

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this video is for the moving around in

blender basics with a laptop trackpad or

maybe a Mighty Mouse something like that

something that doesn't have a third


kind of scrolling wheel on the mouse

this is the way I usually design because

I'm usually on a laptop so when you're

designing there's three different ways

you can move around in blender first

just hold down alt on your keyboard and

just click with that left mouse and that

is your orbit or rotate tool you can

look all around and you always want to

be changing your view in 3d always while

you're designing you're just changing

and moving and changing and moving and

the second way to move around is to zoom

so to do that you want to hold alt and

ctrl and then click that left mouse

button you can zoom right there with a

two button mouse and if this isn't

working for you you want to make sure

you have your settings set up correctly

under edit preferences input emulate

3-button Mouse and save the second way

to move around is the zoom tool and to

do that on your mouse and keyboard

you're gonna hold alt and ctrl while

left clicking and that will let you zoom

in and out and remember you can go into

full screen with control spacebar or

command spacebar and that will let you

toggle into full screen so go ahead and

just try that try and toggle in and out

of full screen and just orbit and zoom

around and so the next thing I want

y'all to try is the third way to look

and move around which is the pan so to

pan you're gonna hold alt again and

shift while left clicking and that will

let you pan left and right up and down

all around this good town so just go

ahead and start moving around and

rotating and orbiting and then try some

zooms and try some panning and make sure

that you can move around inside a

blender and the better you are at moving

and grooving the better designer you're

gonna be and the easier it is to get in

there and make quick changes so go ahead

and try that and if your views get

messed up you can always reset them on

your numpad with

number one number three and number seven

you can also hit the period on the

numpad to frame the selected also

remember if you're using a smaller

laptop that doesn't have a numpad you

can go into your preferences and under

input you can emulate numpad and then

save close the box you can also now

reset your view using the 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

8 9 0 up at the top so let's jump into

the next video which will cover

duplicating and editing basics