AutoCAD Zoom and Pan

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one of the first skills you want to

master in

AutoCAD is navigation navigation is

typically done with the mouse zooming

and panning can be accomplished with the

mouse wheel to zoom in and out just roll

your mouse wheel up or down similarly to

pan click and hold your mouse wheel and

then move your mouse panning and zooming

can also be accomplished through the

command line which is important if you

don't have a mouse with a wheel to begin

the pan command type P in the command

line and press Enter

you'll notice that your cursor changes

to a hand if you click and drag the left

mouse button you can pan around your

drawing when you're done press escape or

enter to begin the zoom command you can

type zoom or just Z notice in the

command line there are more than one

option it's important you start to

understand how to interact with AutoCAD

through the command line the command

line can help you understand what

AutoCAD expects from you and what your

options are within a command you can see

that the second line to the bottom in my

command line says specify corner of

window enter a scale factor or and then

my bottom line lists a bunch of options

each option is separated by a slash and

the capital letters in the option are

what I can type to choose that option in

other words if I want to zoom all I can

enter a now for the all option if I type

Z again to enter the zoom command I

could say P for the previous option and

it should zoom out to the view I had

previously the other really important

soom option you'll need to know about

his window rolling with the mouse wheel

can't always get you exactly the zoom

level you're after but the window option

can because the second line to the

bottom says specify corner of window I

can actually just pick a

now without choosing the window option

in other words once I entered the zoom

command I can just pick two points to

define a rectangle and it'll zoom to

that rectangle that's the same way that

zoom command will work if you choose the

window option you can tell it I'm not in

a command because my command line says

command when I'm in a command like zoom

you'll see options towards the end of

the last line of my command line you'll

notice that it says real-time in angled

brackets whatever option is in angle

brackets is the default and if I press

ENTER it will accept that if I press

ENTER now I will get a real-time zoom

you can see that my cursor changes to a

magnifying glass and now if I click my

left mouse wheel and move my mouse up or

down I can zoom in and out to get out of

any command at any point you can press