Audacity Tutorial 2 - Selecting, Zooming, and Time Shift

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don't you hate it when you forget

something hey everyone welcome to our

second tutorial with audacity remember

audacity is an audio program that allows

you to record audio and edit audio

tracks after they've been recorded last

time I went over a bunch of tools but

there are three very important tools

that I forgot to tell you about so let's

talk about them right now first of all

to show you these tools we're gonna go

and open our file from last time so file

open recent and there's our file that we

created last time the first tool I

forgot to tell you about is the

selection tool it's a very important

tool what the selection tool allows you

to do just like in Microsoft Word is

select a portion of your audio track so

I can select right here I can select

right here and you notice that you can

tell the area that's selected because

there's a gray background now here but

there's also a dark gray area here as

well so let's say I just wanted to edit

this portion right here or I just want

to delete that so I would click I would

select that and hit delete and you'll

notice now I've deleted the middle of

that track and that's gonna sound kind

of funny let's hear what that what that

just did morning announcements and

obviously I don't wanna do that so I'm

gonna go ahead and undo that so that's

what the selection tool does the second

tool I didn't tell you about was another

type of selection tool it's this

magnifying glass it's the zoom tool

right here and the way that tool works

is let's say I just want to pay

attention to this portion right here

where I'm talking so I select it and I

let go and it zooms in on just the

portion that I had highlighted let's say

I want to zoom in more I've got the zoom

tool selected let's say I just want to

pay attention to this area right here

and again oh look now I've zoomed way


the audio track so that's kind of how

that zoom tool works now if you're

thinking that is way too small I'm not

gonna be able to use that information

that's fine

over here you have other magnifying

glass tools so I could just keep hitting

zoom out until I find what I want I

could also come here and click fit

project and then it'll bring me back all

the way back so I can see my entire

project on one window which is pretty

useful ok the last tool I need to tell

you about today is this time shift tool

so what the time shift tool allows you

to do is move tracks in time here so

let's say right now I'm talking pretty

much at the beginning of the track right

let's say I don't want to do it let's

say I want to talk a minute into the

track so I know I can just move this

over to one minute so again I select

this tool here the time shift tool and

it allows me to move this track around

so now the music would play for a full

minute before I started talking that's

not obviously what I want to do so let's

go ahead and move this back and you'll

notice right at the beginning of my

talking like right

wow that was annoying let's notice right

here at the beginning of my talking I'm

gonna go ahead and select it I just have

nothing except maybe a little click of

my mouse I don't want that there so I'm

gonna go ahead and delete that and that

moves me all the way back to the

beginning so now what it looks like is

this but I don't really like me talking

right at the beginning of the track I

also don't want this noise at the very

end of the track so I'm going to go

ahead and delete that just by selecting

and hitting delete and now I want to

start talking let's say exactly five

seconds into the track so I'm gonna move

this over to the five-second mark so now

what you're gonna hear is five seconds

of music and then me talking here we go

good mornin Brown middle school every

student every dead college and


today is October 12 2015 of the current

era and these are your morning

announcements so there you have it we've

gone over the selection tool right here

we've gone over the zoom tool right here

and we've gone over the timeshift tool

right here all three of those are very

important tools that I forgot to tell

you about last time which makes me feel

like a tool anyway thank you so much for

watching if you want to please consider

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a Facebook page or something anyway I

really appreciate y'all and we'll see

you next time